There are going to be many writers that post on here about how to write fiction. I wanted to go through the process in my head when I start writing my own fiction novels. Now, you can follow my lead on what I do if you’d like, but there is no true way to writing fiction. We all have our own minds and creative worlds. This is what runs through my mind when I start writing:

1. Where to freaking start? I’m sitting in bed with Doritos crunched beneath my armpit playing Destiny or Battlefield. My fingers are tapping the controller and my eyes are engulfed in the world before me. Did I just have an idea that involved Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters? Maybe a military idea where my character is on a Black Ops mission and continuously dies and wakes up to another mission? I may be losing my mind and my time wasting it on games, but hell, it’s fun try an lose myself in a world I didn’t create. Sometimes it’s the best way to start a world that I want to create.

2. These behind the scenes options on Lord of the Rings are really making me break down my ideas into time slots? If I treated my novel like some directors do with a movie, I would write all the exciting scenes that would put myself at the edge of my seat, while those boring scenes that connect the dots resonate in the air. Why do I call them boring scenes? I call them this because it’s the back story that leads to this massive battles, crazy twists, or erotic romances. Do you really think your work doesn’t have at least two- three boring chapters in it?

I remember one chapter took me almost two days to write because I just couldn’t stomach myself to write it. It was one of those chapters that helped build on the story, but I just wanted the excitement and the tragedies. Is it because my head is filled with hatred towards a few of my characters? Sometimes. Is it because I want to get on with the story and see what happens to the main character that I love? Definitely.

3. Epic Music is a plus. Rock/Pop/Rap/Country is a no. Not trying to discriminate against all music but when I write I have to listen to music without words. Every time I hear music with lyrics, I end up singing them in my head. I go from writing about soldiers tearing through a battlefield of demons to Taylor Swift Shaking in the middle of a climatic death. How this works for anyone one else, I don’t know. I like to listen to the beefy brass music with the chimes of violins teetering in the background. My imagery has to be pumped with musical steroids for me to see explosions and men fighting behemoths that have the upper hand.

4. Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and email. You fools are the enemy to my creativity. Eventually I have to actually type this crap up and you four continuously take a few hours from my time. It’s not your fault, it’s my own. That’s why I disconnect my phone and internet for a few weeks to avoid the temptation. Yes, I may not be able to talk to people that act like they care about me, but at least I can live in my made up world where my invisible friends like to play with me. Did I mention I may be crazy?

5. Alcohol does not boost the process, it only dumbs it up. I remember my hand was cramping up so I had a few shots of Captain Morgan to help numb up my pain. Then, I found out drinking numbs up more than just pain and it numbs up my intellect. If I write while drinking, I will find myself having a tough time understanding what the hell I wrote the night before. Also, it could lead to realizations about myself that I wished would have stayed locked up in those chambers of my mind. Then again, sometimes writing while drinking will create an idea that’ll actually have me wondering, how the hell did we go from New York to the Pacific Ocean in only a page?

These are just a few situations I run into while writing fiction. Some I try to avoid, others I embrace. If you’d like to add your unique writing style, you can add ti in the comments. Maybe we will have something in common.

Tips on How to be a Writer


Felt these were some awesome tips. If you hate reading, then you really have no business claiming to be a writer.

Originally posted on Aubri S. Black:

Anyone can write, but not everyone is a writer. If you’re thinking of being a writer or you’ve already started calling yourself one, here are a couple of tips to help.

Read anything and everything

I met someone who told me they were a writer. I said, “Sweet, what are you reading?” They gave me a strange look, then shrugged.

“Oh I just write. I don’t read.”

Sorry, what? I almost exclaimed “excuuuuse me?” out loud, but I stopped myself. It is ridiculous though, for a so-called writer to not be able to answer the question: what are you reading. I got a this-is-awkward feeling start to creep in and I slowly backed away. I can tell you what books I am reading, recent articles I enjoyed, and the novel I read last week.

You can’t be a great writer unless you are a great reader. You have to read great writers. Writing…

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Sunshine: Chapter 1 Part 1


Check out Meags Writing. Very talented writer and interesting posts. Take a look for yourself.

Originally posted on Meags' Writing:

The sun beat down on a wolf standing in a field. Her fur was matted and bits of it clung to the tall grass. The cinnamon coloured fur caught the eye of a passing beetle who started to nuzzle into the warmth. She cocked her head to one side at the creature but she was soon distracted.

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New Story Line Game


Alright so the last post kind of got confusing for a few bloggers that attempted to join the story. I’m very sorry that some of the posts did not get posted right away. It is because for some reason I have to approve your comments and until I approve them it won’t appear. Now, a few people actually made it through without an approval, so if your comment did not appear it was because someone’s comment was in before yours. I’m very sorry about that, so this time I’m going to try really hard to approve your comments, or figure out away to override the approval process. Thanks for participating and now, here’s a new story line for any newcomers.

The Earth looked like a giant blueberry from where Sam was standing. Her hairs rose from her neck down to the lower back. Silence was a relaxing solitude that she could enjoy in this prison. The moon became her new home after the leaders of Earth decided to create a galactic penitentiary for its most high profile prisoners. A steel door slammed down the hall and to her dismay it was…

Let’s Play a Game


I’m going to start a story and who ever wants to add on to it just comment on this post. Make sure you follow the story from the last comment made because then this whole thing could get screwed up and end up sounding like a jumbled mess.

There was a man sitting by the pond with his dog. He was skipping rocks as a light breeze caressed he cheek. A strange sound alerted him from behind a tree…

Keyboard Warriors


I’d like to just say that keyboard warriors are pretty awesome when you have nothing to do, and you just simply have to read a whole thread with a big bowl of popcorn in hand. Yes, you know who you are. If you don’t know who you are, here is a simple check list that may help to pinpoint who you are:

1. You’re the person that defends causes that no one really actually cares about. You’re the one that thinks hmm Photoshop is being used to change the appearance of people? They used an auto tuner during his/her performance? This is an outrage! How dare corporate America try to poison the hearts of my children! This is ludicrous!

2. You’re a person that reads through an article on the internet and realizes that everything on the internet is true. You freak out over a girl diving into a random pond where all of a sudden a Great White chases after her. You believe that we are living in a time period that existed almost a half a century ago. Occasionally, you’ll question if an asteroid is really about to destroy the earth because someone decided to edit a clip from Armageddon.

3. You’re that caring person that thinks a cat dancing with a pathetic human is animal abuse, or you thought steaks did not come from cows but just magically appeared in a grocery store.

4. You’re the person that has to be right. You are never wrong. If we continue to live in the society that we’re living in now, guns will surely kill people, and spoons will surely make people fat.

This is just to name a few keyboard warriors who tend to NEED attention, or just have to continue an argument behind a screen because they are too chicken shit to actually get into someone’s face. Seriously, I’ve read threads where people say what they would’ve done and blah blah blah.

For example, a guy was walking down the beach with some other people when they stumbled upon a shark. Yes, a dead shark. Apparently, its belly was moving around and they decided let’s play surgeon. A guy walks up with a dinky little  pocket knife and tears a whole in the sharks gut. Well, they discover three babies still alive inside the shark. This guy pulls the shark babies out and tosses them in the ocean without being gentle with them. This sparked a stupid argument that almost made me want to put my fist through my computer.

Someone decided that it was animal abuse because the guy just tossed the shark into the ocean without care. Then, people said they should’ve called someone to get the sharks cause now they’re going to die in the wild. I had to face palm myself for that bs argument as well. First of all, put yourself in this guy’s situation. You’re cutting open a shark that you do not know if it is still alive. You tap it and it doesn’t move. Then, you proceed to be a dumb ass and cut into the shark to discover live baby sharks. Now, if it was me, there was no way in hell I’d be pulling creatures out of a shark with the risk of pulling back a bloody red stump. Nah uh, not me. I give this guy huge props, but people got pissy and whiny because he wasn’t gentle. Okay, Kids, how about you bend over and toss a shark into the ocean gently. If you so happen to come back with a hand, kudos to you, but your argument is stupid! I swear, if the government doesn’t kill us first, it’ll be these sensitive assholes that think sharks are cute puppies and humans are robots.

Also, I think the most notorious keyboard warriors are the ones that keep tabs on every politician. Seriously, I think politics gets really old. It’s just who I am as a person. Yes, I am concern about the future of America. Yes, I am concerned about where my kids will be when they are older. Am I going to be able to change any of that sitting behind a keyboard and screaming like a crazy person? No, I’m not. If anything, my ass will be hauled to a psych ward.

I see memes talking about “Impeach Obama!”, “We the people want Obama gone!” , “There’s a petition to get rid of the Confederate Flag.” ‘You might be a racist if…”

I mean, seriously the list goes on forever. There’s always that one guy that learns how to put words on photos and turns it into a propaganda piece because pictures tell the truth. I remember seeing a meme that said, “This man claimed Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was hung in Iraq.” Then, I found this man’s face in an article month before and apparently he had murdered three people and was put to death. I mean, that is how simple lies and deception work. Someone takes a picture of a person doing something, writes something totally different, the world sees it, and now, we all are praising a murderer.

I mean, have we really come to the point where internet petitions, and writing our feelings online will make a difference in the world. Think about it, while we are focused on racism and sexism there are laws being passed while we are distracted. We are little giving the government an Ah-Ha moment because we are too busy arguing about a news story that had no business even appearing in out state’s news. Then, all them awesome keyboard warriors band together and create an elite of ignoramus people which lead to leveling a city and destroying everyone’s livelihoods.

America is lazy and sensitive now. There’s no more will to work. There’s no more motivation to be anything here anymore. Corporations have taken over and have turned everyone against each other. They’ve dipped their hands so deep into the government structure and have turned good politicians into the corrupt people that vowed not to be. What will it take before more jobs, homes, and lives are lost? We are simply letting the internet try to speak for us, but no one is listening. We are simply letting these people roll over us because we are comfortable. The internet is not the way to get your point across. It’s just another archive that stuffs your thoughts deep into the abyss of junk that flows through the world wide web.

What Inspires Me to Write


This question has been popping up a lot lately while I’ve been at work and with friends. I can’t really pinpoint the main inspirations in my life because a lot of it has to do with things like dreams, movies, video games, family, and romantic interests that I’ve spectated through friends or other people. When I wrote Horizon, I originally wrote it because of someone that pulled me out of the wreckage of whatever destruction I had done to myself in the past. It was more therapeutic at the time than a science fiction novel about aliens and government conspiracies. I spent almost four years writing it because I was keeping tabs on events in the the world today, whether true or false.

Now, I pretty much write whatever messed up things enter my mind. It isn’t because I want to satisfy someone else that may be reading my novel. It’s more of for myself, and if I grow a following because of it then awesome. I’ve skimmed through success stories and fall outs across wordpress and social media, and what I got from reading through different ideas and experiences is that I am no better than anyone else. No one else is any better than me. Yes, we see photos of laughter and joy. We see Facebook statuses that continuously beg for attention. Beg for likes and shares. Have we come to the point in our society where a like and share is worth more than money? In my opinion, yes.

I remember a few weeks ago i posted something on social media, and received maybe twenty or thirty likes from friends, family, and bloggers. It was nice to see people actually interested in something that I felt strongly about but shied away from it because I didn’t want to be part of discussion bigger than myself. For instance, racism and politics. Those two subjects I avoid at all cost only because what is the point? Arguing with someone about two ideas that both parties feel strongly about is not going to change anything. It is not going to make anything better and if anything, it will cause anarchy.

If you want to change something, then show love and compassion to others. There are some messed up things going on in the world today and all we care about is a damn flag and a law. Inspiration comes from moments like these. It’s what makes all of us different in our own ways. Also, the end of the world and the apocalypse. Why the hell are people so fascinated by these? I think for the last eighteen or twenty years of my short life I have had to watch, listen, and read about the end of the world. When will someone make a story where it’s not just about the end of the world. Why can’t we think of something where the antagonist is actually the one that is the protagonist?

Think about it, what if your character was a villain and overtook the main character who was supposed to be good? If Darth Vader succeeded with his plans to overthrow the Jedi, what would the next three movie be about? We look at the darkness as a bad and scary place to go to, but what if it is actually the light? What if the light was bad? Is it possible that we think that good comes where light is and shadows are just a place for demons and the dead?

The book I’m currently writing is kind of running along this subject. A man thinks he is bad and evil because of his lineage. He is lead in the direction of that path his father took before him, but instead of standing by the good, he realized evil was actually good. The society he was raised it brain washed him and turned him into them. Crazy thoughts come up all the time in my brain.

I just wish something new will go through Hollywood also. Like seriously, all that comes out of Hollywood is crap and visual vomit. How many Star Wars movies do we have to make before people decide not to go to the theaters anymore because it is not what they envisioned it to be? How any Jurassic Park movies will be created because a bunch of banks and studies want to steal millions from everyone again? How many times does peter Jackson have to continue to butcher certain parts of Tolkiens stories to make people fed up with his vision of Middle-Earth? Don’t get me wrong, I think he did a phenomenal job, but his endings just come too short to satisfy my thirst for the world of elves, hobbits, dwarfs, orcs, and men.

We’ve actually crossed that threshold where reboots are constantly being made within a ten year period. I mean, it’s freaking ridiculous! Why do I need to watch the same crap I hated ten year ago again with a different director and writer but it ends up to be crappier than the last one I watched? Why do I do it? That’s a fantastic question. I guess because I’ve been brainwashed by previews and plug ins to think that it’ll be better. For instance, you watch a commercial and see all the funny and epic parts of the movie. You go see the movie and THOSE-ARE-THE-ONLY-GOOD-PARTS-OF-THE-MOVIE!

So what inspires me to write? My inspiration is what I would enjoy and hopefully my reader. I don’t want to make a remake. I don’t want to write another Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. I want to write my own brand and hope that it inspires a writer to try and create something on their own. Although, it is hard to create something brand new because we all are inspired by our favorite authors or artists. That’s why taking risks and writing for yourself is that best thing you can do for your writing. Change the mainstream ideas to something different. yes, you may get ridiculed for what you did, but you could get a lot of praise for it as well. That’s why it’s called fiction. Anything can happen in these worlds in our head. Nothing is set in stone. Not even a vampire and wolf background. They have their main ideas, but changing them up could bring interest from masses.

A story is anything you want it to be. Don’t let anyone tell you no because who is to say that Ariel was actually Jaws….

Announcements For My Upcoming Projects

Horizon Series

Genre: Science Fiction/ Action Adventure

Currently the first novel to this series is out in all formats. I am currently working on the next novel for this series on and off. It will be called Eversoul.

Story: Aaron Lambright is a Marine Biologist that lives in his sailboat at Sydney Harbor in Australia. He is pulled into a government conspiracy that has been ongoing for the last five years. He is approached by the U.S. military outside of his boat, where he is told that his father has fallen to an unknown cause. All of the questions continue to spiral through his head, while his relationship with his current girlfriend, Abigail, is crumbling everyday. His colleague Sandy is the only other human being that can actually connect to him, but how much longer can that last?

The United States government and president have become allies with a company corrupt with greed and power. Amnicore is where artifacts and specimens from an alien planet are being extracted and contracted into the military. Will earth stand a chance against this super army, or will it fall into a apocalyptic end that will wield an upper hand for the man in control of these beings… Our president.


Paperback and Hardback:

The Temperament Scepter Series

Genre: Young Adult/ Epic/ Fantasy

First Novel: Awaken Within The Darkness

Anticipated Release: September 1, 2015

Story: A world ruled by Kings and Queens has been threatened by three entities that command the icy north of Illiad. The Dragon Lords have summoned their draiks to Alabass, where war has ignited between the regions of Illiad and Salcedine. With the resurrection of the Soulless and the dragons terrorizing the central plains of Alabass, Daghen has banned his sorcerers together to fight back. He has pulled together the assistance of Wolf Bloods and Man as well.

The war leads to a draw on both sides and Daghen has been banished from Salcedine for his desertion from his fellow sorcerers. The Dragon Lords now rebuild their army and create a child within the womb of the king’s daughter. The birth of Aldoras comes and with his birth is the struggle to be normal, but fate pulls him to his lineage; a powerful Dragon Lord.

Phantom Force Trilogy

Genre: Science Fiction/ Action Adventure

First Novel: Phantom Force

Anticipated Release: TBA

Story: Murdoch Jones commands a small crew of misfits who are currently the remaining survivors of their planets. He is curious to know what has happened to Earth since the Zethorax took his daughter, his home, and his planet. He travels to the Milky Way system to discover chunks of earth have been pulled from the core and all of its energy has been drained by the Zethorax. The crew continues towards Mars, where possible colonization may have been effective, but there’s only so many places to run within a glass dome and now oxygen outside of it.