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Graphic Horror/Thriller 18+

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The house is quiet and calm now. There is a ghostly presence that lingers in the master bedroom, but it does not bother Alan Dread. He smiles in the bathroom mirror, while he rubs his bloodied fingers together. His jade eyes are enticed by the red that swirls around the drain. Alan splashes the warm water on his thin face and bald head. He reaches for the nearest towel and dries himself off as he leaves the bathroom and admires the pools of blood beneath the woman’s corpse on the bed. He stares at the woman handcuffed to the headboard, while her feet are bound to the foot of the bed. Her chest is cut open from one breast to the other, and her stomach is sliced from the navel to her neck. Alan pushes her blond bangs with his fingertips over her ear so he can look into her…

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Indie Success –10 things that really matter


Fantastic article to read!

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Hans Christian Andersen by Anne Grahame Johnstone Hans Christian Andersen by Anne Grahame Johnstone

There are a lot of articles and reports out there giving various and often conflicting figures about the Indie book market. All seem to agree, however, that the percentage of Indie writers and publishers is huge and growing. You only have to read a few Indie books to realise there is some seriously good stuff out there and marvel at the ingenuity and diversity of the imaginations from which they were born.

Yet there is still a stigma attached to independently published work. There are those, it is true, who see it only as a way to make a fast buck and churn out little more than rubbish. These are not writers in my opinion and it is not of their books I speak, they are little more than opportunists; marketeers who, seeing a potentially lucrative product churn out a cheap imitation that…

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Day Job to Writing Part 2.1 (Eliptica)

This is a follow up post to the original post “Day Job to Writing“. In the previous post, I went through my outlining process, where I developed maps, characters, feuds, plot time lines, and schedules for myself. In these next few post, I want to go over the maps and world I am currently creating, which will hopefully help you guys put together your worlds in a more creative and sense filled manner.


Eliptica is the main world that I had originally started writing about. This island was supposed to start out the “Temperament Scepter Series”, but it was missing something when I reached the end of it. Anyways, I’ll get back to that later when I go over the characters in my series.

When I created Eliptica, I used three different senses to create each castle and village across it. I used the sense of smell, touch, and sight to understand the environments that I wanted to portray in each region/territory. For instance, think of your own country, or state (If you’re in the US.) The further north you travel, the environment is cooler and the air is usually thinner. Sometimes if it’s near a major city it could change different senses, but that’s why using examples in your head helps to understand the environments. Sometimes authors will actually have to travel to get the first hand experience so they can describe everything in their own senses.


Let’s go back to Eliptica. I’m going to start with the southeast, where Urealia is located. This kingdom is actually the slums of Eliptica. It sits high on the edge of a climb over the ocean, where you can smell the salt in the air and hear the seagulls cry over the city. The walls of the city are just logs connected together by nails and wood. The streets are muddy because of the constant rains and the lack of care by the king. Now, if you are creating a poor city, you have to remember to add the reasoning behind it, whether it’s from tragedies, greed, or environmental reasons. In Urealia, I used a greedy fat king that wants nothing else than to steal money from his own people. Anyone else ever feel this way with the leaders today?

Farmlands Outside Urealia

Now, outside Urealia is the plains, where my main character and her family are from. This is where there are farmlands and plains all the way to Olmstead Castle, which is about two hours travel from Urealia. I put this together remembering the first week I was in Europe. I was in London and looking down from the plane window I saw all the green fields below in small square blocks. At least, that was from my view. When I saw this, it was the most spectacular sight I had seen. It actually inspired me to add this into Eliptica and to actually start writing Fantasy Fiction.

I enjoy writing about the land outside of castles better because they are the places your characters have their adventures. Yes, I like inside the castles too, but new worlds and creating them are the best feeling. It’s like discovering an alien world that you wish you could see because it’s the place that makes sense to you.

Port Amnalon

Port Amnalon was created as a place for Eliptica to export goods to other lands across the oceans and seas. Eventually, the Urealian King seized this area because Wolf Bloods from Four Points Chain were being smuggled into the region from here. The vision I had for this port was close to Port Jefferson on Long Island, and a little history from Key West, Florida with pirates. I wanted to put together a place that was small and beautiful, but the buildings and docks were dank and beat up from sea salt.

The environment is a little cooler with the breeze, but Eliptica is located closer to the “equator” so some of the places aren’t too hot or too cold. All of the territories are fairly mild and cool. More and less in some parts.


I wanted Legula to be a castle sitting against the walls of mountains near a bay. It had to have the beauty and mystical touch of an elvish kingdom, but it still needed to have that touch of man. I remember putting together a few of the castles in my head when I was in Austria. There was one castle that rested all alone in the middle of the bay that inspired me to create Legula. I can’t remember the name, but it was like walking into a fairy tale and living with the mythical beings that wander in our imagination. The air was cool and thin. It almost felt like I could breathe better. The view was like a portrait from inside the towers of the castle. The snow caps over the mountains and the gap that led out of the bay. All of the senses made my trip feel magical.

These are the castles and ports on the eastern side of Eliptica. All of them have access to water to import and export goods to each other, but greed has caused this end to live in poverty for the people. For now, this is Eliptics and in the next post, it will be about the Mid to Western side of Eliptica, where sorcerer villages, enchanted castles, and rugged mountain terrain collide to create the fantasy of my world.

Author FB Page


Here’s the link to my author facebook page. This is where you will find more interesting details about my novel, “Awaken Within the Darkness”, the first installment to The Temperament Scepter Series.

I will also keep you guys updated on any upcoming events/ book releases. Also, if you have any questions for me, or any of the amazing artists, editors, or readers, please feel free to ask. We welcome all and anything that you guys are curious about. Thanks again for your support and love.

And did I mention a possible Book trailer for Horizon soon?

Create Yourself Group Page (FB)

I just wanted to invite anyone that would like to join my facebook group: Create Yourself. I’m using this page as a way to let you guys self promote your work to hopefully another audience. You can invite your friends/ share this post if you’d like to friends you think may be interested. I do ask that you do not spam the page multiple times a day. If you are interested, please follow the link, like the page, and share to all your friends.

Hopefully the page will help inspire all of us to continue build on our passions. Thanks guys!


Book Blurb


Drop by my friend’s blog and read through her interesting posts. She is definitely worth the time to check out.

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So I TOTALLY have some other blog posts planned. But for now, you’re going to get this instead. I thought I’d fill you in on the books I’ve been reading recently. I usually don’t read multiple books at once, but sometimes it can’t be avoided.
The first book I’m reading is one I’ve been reading for a while now…or, more accurately, I started reading it, put it down, and haven’t picked it back up. My book is Shadow of Night, and it’s the second book in the Discovery of Witches series. It’s not that it’s bad or anything like that. When I get home, I immediately veg out and don’t want to pick up a book. I remember where I left off, and I really do want to know what happens to the characters.

The second book is actually something that I thought would help me out at work…

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Alright, here is my rant post. I’m pulling my hair out, and I’m about ready to toss my computer through the window because this frustrates me to a core. I’m calling these kind of people “McSpammers,” because they’re like the commercials you want skip during an epic episode of Game of Thrones, or something. Let me explain these people for you.

You’re sitting on facebook talking to a friend. Your news feed explodes with like 20 new stories. Kind of weird because life is not usually that exciting on your facebook unless someone dies, or there’s a tragedy in the news. (Which oddly is happening more often than usual) Anyways, you’re talking to some friends and these stories pop up. You scroll to the top to see what’s new and it’s just 20 posts of someone’s book. Your eyes widen, then you roll them with disgust as you click the arrow in the top right corner to ignore these stories.

A few minutes later, your twitter explodes and its the same person. Then, your email is going nuts at the same time. It’s like a apocalyptic disaster of spams from one person because they are excited about the book they are putting out there. For them, yes, it’s exciting, but for you it’s two more posts away from wanting to destroy everything on your desktop. You proceed to message the person to slow down or stop, but it’s like an atomic bomb goes off in that person’s head and you receive a hundred more posts.

You scream in the computer, “Really?! Are you doing this to me out of spite?!”

It’s not like the world is coming to an end, but in your eyes it seems that someone is playing a prank on you. You finally decide to block the person, but the scary thing is, their promotions show up on the right hand corner of your screen, reading “Trending Now”

So if you’re excited about publishing your book, that’s great. Congratulations! You have done something not many people have the discipline pr determination to do. Just help everyone keep their sanity by not posting just about your novel, service, or blog 24/7 without a single muse, poem, or story to back it. If we’re interested in it, we’ll like it and read it. As soon as we start seeing hundreds of spam messages though, your name gets tossed into the spam folder. Then, how do you get those readers you lost back? Maybe write something else that doesn’t just promote your book or self? Maybe even take interest in other’s work.

Rant over…

Chapter 3: The Meta

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     Dusk was at its peak across the plains outside of the Fallows Mountain Range. The faint echoes of men and shrilling cries of dragons haunted the wind as it whisked across the ashes that powdered the blades of grass. Black imprints of incinerated men were like shadows of the soldiers that fell to the strength of the Master Sorcerer’s light. The sky was covered in orange across the horizon, but the indigo blanket that casted towards Fort Thundrill was specked with tiny stars.

A lone wolf appeared at the forest edge, digging its paws into the dirt. Its fur was black with white splashed beneath its stomach and neck. His ears perked up when a low rumble from the mountains disturbed the earth. The wolf sprinted across the field to the rocky lands of the Fallows, but the warm ground softened beneath his weight. He backed away and hopped…

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Chapter 2: Fort Neeves

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     The moon’s glow glistened across the stream as Daghen hopped across the stones above the water. He waited on the bank for his aid and apprentice to join him. Water flowing between the rocks was gentle to his ears, while he listened to the trees crack and moan from the night breeze. He looked up towards the stars, where he saw a flag flailing at the top of the lonesome mountain, on the eastern territory of Alabass. Fort Neeves was the wolf blood’s base camp.

“I thought we were going after the Dragon Lords in the north, Master?” Bogumir asked as he stepped onto the pebbled shore.

“Yes, we are in the right path to get there. We just need to get the approval of King Darius to pass through the tunnels beneath the ice,” Daghen answered, feeling hesitant to continue forward.

“If we need to go there, then…

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Chapter 1: Battle at the Fallows


Made some updates on Chapter One in my novel: Awakening Within the Darkness. Here is where you cna see it if you’re interested in Fantasy Fiction

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     The trees outside of Fort Thundrill were turning to vibrant yellow, warm orange, and fiery red. It was mid fall and the brink of war was at its most vulnerable between the wolf bloods and the Salcedine Army. Their differences eventually led to the neglect to pursue the three Dragon Lords, whom opened the icy prisons beneath Illiad. They released the dragons which all three contained a unique power in their breaths.

Demoticus was the fire dragon that consumed everything in its path with a monstrous flame. Its scales were as thick as solid steel and as hot as molten lava. Sidius was the dragon that could turn warm flesh to ice with its frozen breath. The blue that pulsates beneath its belly gave it the ability to remain hidden in the sky and in the snowy peaks of the mountains. Finally, there was Zaathorex, the lightning dragon. Its…

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