Horizon (Sample Chapter)

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May 29, 2113
Los Angeles, California
Berringer and Son Law Firm

Saulter enters the law firm with his two CIA operatives, Foster Lancaster and Miguel Perez, close behind him. His stiff posture and masculine march brings everyone in the firm to a sudden silence as though waiting for one of their own to be sentenced to death. He pulls his badge from his pocket and reveals it with a swift snap of his wrist to the receptionist. The woman behind the desk cowers in her seat as she watches him return it to his belt. Saulter reaches for the desk tag and reads the name. A devilish smile appears on his cracked lips.
“Mrs. Rose,” he says underneath the raspy and barbaric undertones of his voice.
“Miss,” she replies.
“Really, now? For an attractive red head like you, I would’ve expected you to have a significant other waiting for you at home.”
“No,” she shivers. “Recently widowed.” She squints at his tag. “General Saulter Williams. Oh my, is there something wrong?”
Saulter removes his green hat. “Every day, Rose, something is always wrong. That is why I am always getting the tough assignments. It’s because I am the kind of man that gets the job done.” He smiles. “And you may ask, at what cost? And I will answer in a heartbeat—at any cost to keep the lives of this nation safe.” He leans back from the desk and returns the hat to his head. “Now, you can make my job easier by pointing me in the direction to a Mr. Nathan Berringer’s office.”
“I would, sir, but he is in the middle of a—”
“Tell him it would be in his best interest to speak with me at once. I am a very busy man, and I am extremely impatient.”
“I understand, sir, but he did give me very specific instructions not to interrupt him today,” she says, looking up at Saulter with her hazel eyes.
“Cute,” he answers, looking up towards the hallway behind her. “I’ll invite myself in then. On behalf of the President of the United States, I am authorized to go into that office.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a folded document. “Here is a warrant.” He tosses the papers on the desk and marches towards the door that has N. Berringer written across the glass.
“But wait, I can’t let you go…” Rose trails behind the men, still begging them to stop.
Saulter pushes the door open with both men close behind him. He discovers Nathan Berringer flipping through a mess of files on his desk. The stout man wrinkles his forehead as the three men enter without warning.
“Rose, I told you I can’t be distracted today!” Nathan exclaims as his glasses slide to the end of his nose.
“I tried…” she answers as Saulter slams the door behind him, locking it. Both of his men flank either side of the desk.
“Gentlemen, you can’t just barge into my office without an appointment. I’m a very busy man,” Nathan says in heavy breaths.
“No need for an appointment, Mr. Berringer. I have a warrant that comes straight from the Commander-in-Chief. So, in my professional advice, I would suggest you sit your ass down and listen up,” Saulter says, slamming his fists on the desk.
“I will not tolerate—“
“Oh, you will tolerate anything and everything I throw at you, Mr. Berringer.” Saulter turns to the bookshelves, taking notice of all the pictures of the lawyer’s family. “Not to mention the impeccable danger your family will be in if you don’t cooperate with us.”
“My family?” Nathan’s eyes widen in shock. “What do they have to do with any of this?”
“Nothing at all. It’s just in my nature to use people’s prized possessions as bargaining chips,” Saulter grins. “Let’s just see how much information I can squeeze out of you before I explain what my men will do to your wife and children if I don’t get the answers I want, okay?”
Nathan sits back in his chair and looks up at all three men. Saulter pulls out his badge and rests it on the desk. He sits across from Nathan in an empty chair. He stares at the lawyer’s frizzled brown head of hair and dirt cheap suit. The prime example of a compulsive liar and cheat in American society. He watches Nathan reach for the badge and bring it close to his face.
“Director of the CIA, huh?” Nathan chuckles. “Had nothing better to do today, I presume.”
“Nathan, you have something the president wants immediately, and he is going to get it whether you want him to or not,” Saulter answers, snapping his fingers to Foster.
Foster pulls out a manila envelope from his black jacket and hands it to the general. Saulter flips through the contents and pulls out a letter addressed to Nathan that reads: From the desk of the Commander-in-Chief of the United States.
“I just wanted to make this more formal. President Rashaad has requested that the inheritance and/or inheritances of Captain Weston Lambright be confiscated and not recorded to the decease’s immediate family members,” Saulter says, watching Nathan skim through the letter.
“As much as I would love to cooperate with this request, I cannot, General,” Nathan replies, setting the letter back onto the desk.
“And why can’t you do this simple task?”
Nathan looks down at Saulter’s badge again. “General, due to the moral code of ethics and attorney-client confidentiality clauses, I can’t release that information. In addition, my client specifically instructed me not to release anything to the government, only to his sons.”
“But there are no legal issues that you are obligated to. You would risk the lives of your family and yourself for this man?” Saulter taps his fingers on his lap. His light-hearted spirits turn to a ruthless darkness within seconds as his eyes narrow like a hungry predator.
“I think it would be best if you and your two pets leave now,” Nathan says, leaning back in his chair.
“Oh, you have some large balls, Nathan, but, unfortunately, mine outweigh your ignorance.” Saulter cracks his neck and looks at both of the stone cold faces of Miguel and Foster. He leans closer to the desk. “You know, I’ve dealt with many persistent lawyers who have, like you, used the constitution and law to keep the government’s hands off of important documents. Although I commend you for your bravery to stand up to us, I also recommend you beg for mercy from my pets? Isn’t that what you called them?”
Saulter stands to his feet, looking outside the blinds of the window and slowly shutting them. Thin lines of sunlight stripe the walls of the small office.
“My pets were instructed not to do anything too drastic to you, considering you have delicate information, but I am afraid they have not learned the meaning of obedience just yet.”
Foster walks behind Nathan’s chair. He clenches the brown hairs between his fingers and spastically bashes Nathan’s head onto the glass cover on the desk. Foster pulls Nathan’s head back to the headrest of the chair. Blood seeps into the crevices of the cracked glass. Nathan tastes iron on his lips and feels blood drip from his chin. His eyes are beet red and deep gashes line his forehead.
“Are you ready to hand over those documents?” Saulter shrugs and leans close to Nathan’s face. “You can make this easy for me, or messy for you. Honestly, it’s really your choice.”
“Don’t you have his records in your damn database? What more could you need from the inheritance he left for his boys, you sick son-of-a-bitch?” he cries. “You’re the fucking government for god’s sake!”
“Do you not realize technology has created firewalls to keep the government’s hands off of certain individual’s files? Weston has figured out a way to slip through the cracks of our system and now we are at the verge of world destruction as we speak!” Saulter growls, while tossing files and papers off the desk. “Stop feeding me bullshit, Nathan, and give us what we want!”
“Nathan keeps his mouth sealed tight. Saulter’s anger overwhelms him as his brain feels as though it could split at any moment. He nods at Miguel and walks away from the desk.
“Fine. I guess we’ll be here for a while then,” he says, reaching for the file on the floor. “Hmm… Becky Berringer. You have a file for your wife?” Saulter flips through the contents. He hears Miguel reeling back his fist and thrusting it into Nathan’s ribcage. He looks back to see Nathan heaving from the blow to his stomach. “Who keeps a file of their own wife, Foster? Isn’t a picture enough to satisfy a husband.” Foster laughs in the corner as Saulter tosses the file behind his head.
“You… can’t… do this. It’s against the law,” Nathan coughs.
“That is where you are very wrong, my friend. We actually can do whatever we want to suspected terrorists now. We can even do some pretty fucked up things to the family, as well. You should know this already though, you’re a lawyer.” Saulter sits in the chair across from Nathan again.
“You don’t understand. You have the wrong guy. I’m not a terrorist and neither is Weston. You guys are trying to frame us!” Nathan exclaims as blood spatters across the desk from his torn lip.
“No, you don’t understand, Mr. Berringer, the government decides who is a terrorist, whether it’s an innocent stay-at-home mom, or a corrupted lawyer.” Saulter walks over to the window again and watches everyone in the street. “We have passed laws only to satisfy the safety of our leaders, and we have desecrated the ones that our forefathers created to protect the people. This nation is no longer a perfect union for the people, it is now a country run by tyranny.”
“That’s bull!” Nathan interrupts as his head meets the surface of the sheet of broken glass on the desk.
“I didn’t want to jump to this scenario.” Saulter looks down at the photo of Becky. Nathan hocks a wad of bloody saliva towards Saulter. He dodges the red slime and looks up at both of his men with rage boiling in his eyes. “Please, do something about his mouth!”
Foster grabs the stapler on the desk and presses the metallic beam against Nathan’s forehead. He slams his fist against the top of the stapler as multiple staples puncture the lawyer’s forehead. He continues to press until he makes his way to the mangled lips. Miguel presses Nathan’s lips together as Foster staples his mouth shut. Droplets of blood rise from the wounds. Nathan moans as tears well up in his eyes and staples bend in and out of his head.
“Is the brave lawyer crying? Please, help him wipe away those tears,” Saulter laughs in amusement at the torture of an innocent man. He watches Foster seal his eyelids shut and press the stapler firmly against the rim of his eyelids.
Nathan’s shriek in his throat makes Saulter stop the two men.
“Do you have something to say now, before we permanently blind you, Mr. Berringer?”
“Mm…mmm…mmm,” Nathan mumbled behind his sealed lips.
“C’mon, let the guy at least have a chance to speak.”
Foster grabs the small staple remover from the desk drawer and wedges the sharp edges underneath each staple, ripping each one out with a slight tug. Saulter watches and listens to Nathan moan in pain until he can finally speak.
“Now, you were saying?” Saulter asks, leaning on the desk.
“Oh, god,” he exhales.
“Sorry, Nathan, but the big guy upstairs had to take a leak. It’s just you and me now.” Saulter grabs Nathan’s chin and turns the lawyer’s head towards him. “Could you stay coherent long enough to hand over those documents I so desperately need, or should I tell my men to torture your family ever so slowly?”
Nathan lazily tosses his head back. His eyes bulge as staples hang from his eyebrows like tiny meat hooks. His lip dangles from his mouth.
“Fuck… you…” he says under his breath.
“Wow! That’s a first from a lawyer, isn’t it, boys?” He looks up at his men with a devilish grin. “Usually your occupation requires you to squeal under pressure, but you, my friend, are the toughest bastard of them all,” he chuckles. “You should’ve joined the military instead. What a waste of talent.”
“Why are you doing this to me?” he asks.
Saulter clenches Berringer’s cheeks together. “This is what happens when you are a hero. It turns you into a person you never thought you could be. Almost superhuman.” Saulter tosses Nathan’s head back and sits back into the chair across from him. “It also turns you into a monster. Yes, you may get some nice feedback and decorate yourself with awards, but, in the long run, all people see is a scorched piece of shit.” He waves both men off of Nathan. “I don’t value the lives of anyone anymore. I only value the death of insubordinate citizens.” He looks out the window at the people in the streets with no sympathy behind his eyes.

In Reverse (2)

He opened his eyes and saw the white walls surrounding him. The shades at the window snapped to the top of the frame, and the sun’s light engulfed the room. His fingers tingled from sleeping on his arm weird. His lungs rose and fell inside of him as his heart hammered against his chest. All of his emotions swelled inside of his stomach, ready to burst. He scanned the walls, watching screens ignite to life with schedules, times, and locations.
“Nova,” he inhaled.
“Yes, Joseph?” the computer’s voice sounded like Mikayla. The same sweet tone entered his ears and took away the anxiety building in his chest.
He shook his head and flipped the covers off of him. The bed spiraled ninety degrees to the right, where his bathroom door was already open. The sheets pulled themselves off of him and rolled up into the footboard. His body slid down the mattress as the bed stood up on the footboard. Joseph stepped onto the conveyor belt that led into his bathroom.
“Shower on,” he said, feeling the multiple mechanical arms from the walls slipping his pajamas off. He stepped into the bathroom and the temperature was set to his comfort zone. “Thanks, Nova.”
“You have a meeting with the Corporate Overlords this afternoon, Joseph. I have assembled you…”
“Whoa! What? Corporate Overlords, what the hell do they want?” he asked, looking up at the ceiling, where a blue screen appeared. He saw the scrambled image of Mikayla. “Well, are you going to tell me?” He grabbed the shampoo from the edge and squirted a dab in his palm.
“That is classified,” she answered.
“Classified? So now they have taken over your operating system?”
“I have your clothes together in your closet when you are ready, Joseph. They will be waiting at Helix Headquarters.”
“A meeting at my office then? When did we authorize these guys to hack into the system and change all of my schedules, Nova? Did they hack into your firewalls, while I was sleeping or something?” He rinsed his hair and left the shower. “I guess I’ll find out at my meeting then,” he said, walking to the closet, where his suit was ready for him.

* * *

Joseph slid his finger down the inside of his black jacket as he pushed his blue tie down to his navel. He combed the sides of his head and slipped the comb into the inner pocket of his jacket. The conveyor belt led him to the front door, where an escalator was waiting to take him down to the street. A wide clear screen appeared in front of him as his mother appeared on the screen. His head reacted with a painful migraine panging at his temples.
“Joseph? Joseph? Is this thing working?” she asked, tapping the screen.
“Mom, stop, I can hear you,” he answered, squeezing the top of his nose with his index finger and thumb. “What is it, Mom?”
“I was worried about you, sweetie! I haven’t heard from you in days, and I feel like you’re trying to avoid me.”
“Impossible, Mom. The system has always set up our days together. When the time is right, it will schedule our family time,” he said, knowing he has the ability to fit her in his schedule. “Actually, I have to go. I’m kind of in a hurry.”
“How can you be in a hurry? It’s not like the system would make you late.”
Joseph scratched his head and turned his attention to the side of the screen, where his company stock appeared. He saw the points elevate in ridiculous increments. He flipped the screen over his mother while pretending to listen to her.
“You’re right, Mom. I’m just a little preoccupied.”
“Preoccupied? Seriously, son, do you think I’m just some rag you can toss to the side? I want to see you! You’ve been avoiding me I know it!” Her voice cracked.
“Yes, I’m sorry. I’ll be a better son,” he answered.
She continued to ramble on with tears and anger, while he flipped through the local news. There were multiple headlines that read: “Apoch Discovers Eternal Life”, “Helix to Release New System in June”, “Death of Loved, Life of Soul”
He read through the headlines realizing why he was summoned to a Corporate Overlords meeting. Joseph smiled and let out a sigh. He flipped the headlines out of the way, watching his company’s stock soar on the screen.

“…I know she died from a freak accident, but seriously, Joseph. You really need to…”
“Wait, what?” he interrupted. “Mom, please, I don’t want to talk about this. Let me call you back later. I’m walking into a meeting,” he said, disconnecting the feed. “Finally,” he said as the conveyor belt pulled him onto the escalator to Helix Headquarters.

In Reverse

The scent of evergreens surrounded Joseph Apoch as he chased after the woman he loved, Mikayla Nova. His lungs tightened from exhaustion and the thinness of the air. The canopy of leaves above blocked out the light from the sun, and fireflies flickered their butts around them. Mikayla’s white dress flailed behind her and her brunette curls bounced off her back from her footfalls. Joseph locked his eyes on her, while thrashing at the leaves from the bushes.
“Mikayla, wait!” he exclaimed, pushing through the dense underbrush. “We are wandering too far. We are getting to close to the barrier!” He watched the trees pass by him. The markings on the bark warned him, and he knew where she was leading him.
Mikayla screamed in agony as her fingertips emblazed in a red flame. The fire continued up her arm, leaving a trail of ash behind it. Joseph saw her blue eyes widen as her face was consumed to dust. He turned his head away to avoid the sight of his wife being eaten away from the outside in by the barrier. The tears in his brown eyes dripped in the palms of his hands. He glimpsed at the cloud of ash that settled to the earth, leaving a mound of what was left of Mikayla.
He felt the energy of the barrier behind him as he looked up at the multiple waves of red, orange, and yellow reach into the sky. His anger built inside of him knowing the barrier was a curse created by a group of men that feared their people, and greed turned their hearts into the same ash that laid before Joseph on the ground.
The sound of the birds above and the light breeze that kissed his cheek reminded him of Mikayla. He outstretched his hand towards the barrier in hopes of dying with her, but his fear ruled over his courage. He closed his eyes feeling the heat of the wall of electricity.
“I can’t,” he said, dropping his arm to his side.

Moving On

Every time I sit back to unwind

All I feel are the tears I hide.

Did she ever wonder how hard it was to get this far?

She took away my self esteem

And ripped away all of my dreams.

I’m taking that next step to leave.

Living in the past

Will never come back.

My senses are weak,

But my life is at its peak.

Push away the regret

And my life will be set.

Your five story let down

Always kept me underground.

You think all of your lies are easy?

Try being me and stop breathing.

I’ve said this twice before,

“I’ll never go back anymore.”

Living in the past

Will never come back.

My senses are weak,

But my life is at its peak.

Push away the regret

And my life will be set.

How can anyone change their life

If they can’t walk away from the past?

A burden sitting on my shoulders

Will always weigh more than closure.

Am I pathetic and insane for staying

Or am I a lousy fool for waiting?

My First Interest (Love)

I sat there in Mrs. Weber’s Science class squinting at the screen as she scrolled through all of the notes that I was supposed to be jotting down. Although I was trying really hard to write the notes down, I was losing my train of thought quickly. Especially since the girl behind me kept me from even wanting to attempt to pay attention. My heart loosened its grip from my chest as though yearning to pull me closer to her. I was a shy kid.

The lights came on and the teacher decided to slip a fast one on all of us with a Pop Quiz. (Lovely.) I stared at that sheet of paper with only three measly questions that I could not remember because I was too damn focused on the girl behind me. I don’t know if it was that melon scent, or the way her blond hair accidentally  brushed the back of my neck every few minutes. Either way, it seemed like heaven to me. Now, just get rid of the quiz and find a way to introduce myself.

I turned around when all of the quizzes were picked up. We made eye contact for the first time in that first two weeks of school.

“Hey…” I had a hard time pulling the words out of my mouth.

“Hi!” she answered with a huge smile and joyful voice.

The bell rang.

We picked up our books and she went with her friends, while I still wondered how so much joy and excitement could fill a room in just a single word greeting.

I went home that night and thought about her a lot. I couldn’t stop thinking about her light blue tank top with her faded blue jeans. Every time my mind wandered all I could see was her waiting on the other end of the hallway for me. I was definitely the typical hopeless romantic, but I knew there was something different about her.

I sat in science class again with her, watching my teacher waddle across the room and groan throughout the whole lecture. I thought she was going to fall asleep before the kid across from me did. I found myself next to the girl today though. We had stumbled into each other while sitting down and had a lot to talk about. It’s very vague what most of our conversation was about, but I do remember one question that was asked.

“Want to go to the dance as my date?” I asked, feeling my chest almost collapse into my belly.

“Yeah! That would be fun!”

Now, at first I was a little worried that this girl may have bumped her head one too many times as a child because of how happy she seemed to be ALWAYS, but after a few weeks of really digging deep into who she was, I realized that she is naturally a happy person. She was actually my first kiss.

We were at the park one night watching my sister play softball. Our parents had started talking to each other and had a little trust after a while with letting us run off alone…. To talk.

“I don’t know how to say this, but I really like you,” I said, feeling my fingers intertwine with hers as we held hands. “I just don’t know how to handle these feelings anymore.”

“I like you too,” she said, leaning in to kiss me on the lips.

I felt a jolt of joy shoot through my body. It was one of the best feelings I had ever felt at a young age. I grabbed her other hand and swung it in between us playfully. I pulled her towards me and we locked lips. It wasn’t until our tongues started dancing that we pulled apart and realized we both were out of sync with each other. We sat down in the bushes for a moment and watched the game from the other side of the park.

“I’m sorry,” I said, feeling embarrassed by my inexperience.

“For what?” she asked, leaning her head on my shoulder.

“For not being better at kissing.”

She laughed and pulled me back to the ground with her. We stared at the treetops as the sun was setting across the softball fields.

“Ya know, we could always try again,” she said.

And that is exactly what we did…

To Be Continued…

A New Direction

I’ve been fascinated with writing stories in fantasy fiction and science fiction, but I recently fell into a new interest; nonfiction. I’m planning on putting together a few stories about myself, my grandfather, and my dad. I wanted to do three separate books because I think a generational style of a story would be pretty cool to do. Anyways, I’m also interested in finding out more about my grandfather. Plus, my dad is interested in knowing more about his dad as well.

I am currently searching for information about how my grandfather earned his medals in World War 2. I know my dad has told me about my grandfather’s service at Iwo Jima, but it is very vague. I know my family has letters that he sent my grandmother throughout his service, and my aunt has all of his medals. I know this is going to be a long trek to find the clues and pieces to put this puzzle about his life together. I may have to interview each one of my aunts and uncles to find some of the answers. It’s going to be a long haul, but I would love to put his story together and have an idea of what his life was like. Especially since he died before I was born.

If any of you have any ideas of where I can start with my searches for his Marine Corps records, please send me links. I would greatly appreciate it and so would my family.

I was planning on doing another book about my father and his service in the Army. Like I said, I have vague memories of what my father told me, but I was going to shoot towards his time in the Army up to when he had to leave because of his heart. I think he told me he almost had to be sent to Vietnam, but he had a bad heart. Also, I wanted to try and paint a picture of his life up to creating the idea of his own business, to the rise of his business, and to the sudden fall.

I will be honest I am a little weary of taking on this task only because I wasn’t alive to know who my grandfather was, and I was not old enough to really experience the rise of my dad’s company. I have seen the hard times he is facing right now, but I really want to make this story of three generations be touching. I’m a little worried I may hit some areas where I have clashing stories between different family members. I have no clue how I’m going to do this yet, but I really want to put these three books together in the truest and best of knowledge that everyone has.

Sorry for the rambling tonight. Memorial Day kind of got me thinking a lot about my grandfather’s time in the military, and I think I may have found a calling to tell his story.

Stalking the Shadows

He walks in the shadows waiting for his prey to play.
The shadows are haunted by his presence everyday.
The eyes of his enemies look carefully, weary of their fate.
Although, they may think they are safe, he will wait.
His strength will overcome the armies of his closest enemies,
But his desire to kill will burn much less every time he speaks to thee.

He roams the streets all day causing devastation.
His mind is after the men who cause abominations.
The soldiers live their life in fright from his determination.
The fire burns in his eyes as he continues his excavation.
He will change the world in the events of another assassination.

The assassin peers down from the tower at the guards below.
He waits for the monarch to come out of the tall wooden doors.
The days fly by and it was like yesterday that his family was ceased.
His father and brothers murder, while his mother and sister exiled overseas .
Ten years have passed and still there are more questions yet to be answered.
Still the men that broke his family are free and continuing the conspiracy.

He roams the streets all day causing devastation.
His mind is after the men who cause abominations.
The soldiers live their life in fright from his determination.
The fire burns in his eyes as he continues his excavation.
He will change the world in the events of another assassination.

They thought justice could be found in trial,
But justice was made when the assassin came to town.

Social Media Punishment

I know there are many of us who have probably seen a few videos out there of parents punishing their children for using social media in the wrong way. For instance, putting that your nineteen on facebook when you’re actually thirteen, and talking like you know how to please a man. Also, kids have been getting punished for bullying classmates at schools or even on social media. These are just a few main reasons for these social media punishments. Now, on some of these I do agree with what the parents are trying to accomplish, but there are some videos where it is questionable about how the parents are handling the situations. I’m not a parent so I am probably stepping into unknown territory that I should probably avoid.

I just watched two different videos of this kind of material, while one of the ways, I agreed with. The other I didn’t. I’m not going to post these videos because I’m not here to promote it. I’m here to just see what you guys think.

One video had a father making his son work at his landscaping job for two weeks because his son was bullying a child in school. He even made his kid do twenty push ups every morning and run laps as punishment. He also had his son make a formal apology in front of his class to the girl he was bullying. Now, in some ways I do agree with this technique because it’ll show the kid respect. Show him that if he wants respect from anyone, he needs to earn it by treating others like he’d want to be treated.

Hold that thought. I’m going to throw in what my dad did when I was a rowdy kid at a ripe young age of four or five I believe. I can’t remember how old really, but it was around that age. Anyways, I was at a restaurant with my mom, dad, and sister. It was a nice restaurant and very quiet. Well, I decided to scream and holler because I didn’t get what I wanted. I can’t remember what it was, but I just continued to scream like a kid would do at that age. So, my dad took me to the bathroom and as soon as the door shut behind him he spanked me a good few times. He told me to be good and not scream because I can’t always get what I want. He also waited a bit for me to let out my tears and told me that if I wasn’t good, we’d be back in the bathroom again. Well, I definitely was not in the mood to have that burning pain on my butt cheek  all night so I kept my mouth shut and acted civil the rest of the night. Ever since then I realized that getting in trouble is bad, and when dad says, “Do you want to go back to the bathroom?” I’d keep my mouth shut and shake my head.

If you discipline your kids at a young age and keep an eye out on them, most can turn out to be good kids. I mean, I’m twenty-six and thankfully never ended up behind bars or been in trouble with the law. I guess every one has their own way, but the old fashion smack to the butt seemed to set me straight for the rest of my life.

Going back to the second video I watched tonight, a mother posted herself yelling at her daughter about writing she was nineteen on facebook. (She was actually thirteen years old). She was talking to older men and said she was a “Freak.” Also, she claimed to have lingerie and different exotic clothing to wear for any men that wanted to be with her. She also stated her daughter’s first and last name which I think is odd because predators are on the prowl on social media all the time.

What I didn’t like about the video though was a few gestures her mother said to her daughter. One big one was about her being to young to be able to “wipe herself good.” Okay, I really don’t think we need to know that much. It’s tacky and gross. If you’re going to punish your kid, don’t humiliate them with tacky stuff like that. Just say what they did and state what you’re going to do to punish them, whether it’s ground them, spank them, or take away their privileges.

Now, my question is, what is the goal? Why do parents do this? Is it to make other parents aware of what happens on social media? Is it to humiliate your kid enough to the point where they avoid the internet all together? Whatever it may be, just make sure it’s done in a tasteful way. (No butt wiping talk.) I just feel like everyone stresses the importance of kids not bullying each other but isn’t this another way of bullying? Why does a kid’s punishment need to be sent out to others to see? Is it for the parent’s reassurance that they are doing the right thing? Or are they just wanting attention, or their five minutes of fame?

I went to this mother’s facebook page and her video shot up to over ten million views. In my opinion, that’s stardom right there. Then, I scrolled through her statuses. (It was a facebook stalking kind of night.) I saw multiple statuses talking about how she has reached 5,000 friends and can’t add anyone else. Everyone was praising her and reassuring her that she was doing a good thing. Some people were shaming her and making her feel down about her punishment strategy. Maybe she didn’t expect this many people to notice her video, but now, it’s like she’s thirsting for more attention.

I know I was brought up the old fashion way of discipline and I am very thankful for it. My parents molded me into the man I am today by giving me the knowledge and punishment of what’s out there in the world. They never posted anything like this cause it didn’t exist then, but why show it to the world? What purpose does someone have to show how they punish their kids?

I’m not trying to say what these parents are doing is right or wrong, I just wish if they’re going to do something like this make sure you don’t go over the fine line of classy and tacky. What’s your thoughts on this? Do you think it’s appropriate to film your kids punishment, or should it be in the privacy of your home?

Heart Break, Poison Ache

Fall back from the long lasting thoughts
That push across the madness you brought
Corrupt within your invisible ego
I tremble when I hear the faint sounds in the lot.

Underneath the bearing tools of destruction
We feel the crashing of our de-solution
Fight off the curse that stings within our fusion
Where the only feeling of the world’s pollution
Can be blamed on the pain that you seek
Power against power, weak against weak
Set the sails against the falling peaks
And release the water that still leaks

Fall back from the long lasting thoughts
That push across the madness you brought
Corrupt within your invisible ego
I tremble when I hear the faint sounds in the lot.

An empty heart can’t bleed from the pain
It can only hurt until the poison drains
A faint whisper calls in the shadowy rain
Answering the prayers from endless pain
The voices circle my long lasting misery
Firing inside my veins like a mercenary
Fighting off the enemy that carries envy
While carrying out the endless duty.

Fall back from the long lasting thoughts
The push across the madness you brought
Corrupt within your invisible ego
I tremble when I hear the faint sounds in the lot.

Innocent Sin

We lay here waiting for the train to come
But there is no track in the distance.
Your voice is so sweet underneath this dome
But there is no echo as I listen.
I touch my lips against yours to go home
But there is no tension to resist this.

This heart attack swells within my chest
As it beats from your clenching fists
The festering pain keeps me from listening
But I still know you’re holding me by a string.
I know that we are both innocent
But this sin still rests within our veins.

The warm outline of you in the sheets rests in bed
But there is no body to hold in my arms.
Your perfume still lingers around my head
But the smell makes my mind feel alarmed.
I imagine us in the water still in a tread
But somewhere you are still charmed.

This heart attack wells within my chest
As it beats from your clenching fists
The pestering pain keeps me from listening
But I still know you’re holding me by a string
I know that we are both innocent
But this sin still rests within our veins.