Alien Encounter… What?!

I watched this movie on Netflix yesterday after work called Alien Encounter. This was after I had a horrible stomach ache from a greasy burger I had for lunch earlier. This movie was like a Blair Witch Project, mixed with a Cloverfield. Since you guys don’t know me that well, I hate these kind of movies. It’s just what is the point of shooting in the perspective of one of the characters. I mean, it is almost like eating a burger without the meat. WHERE IS THE FLAVOR?! Seriously, every movie that attempts to do this kind of style fails terribly. Either the kids are in the woods, at a party, or about to play a prank. It just gets dull after a while.


Anyways, back to Alien Encounter. I think this movie received 3 stars overall on Netflix. (I watch a lot of the three star movies because it’s on the fence and maybe there is some kind of value to take from these films.) SPOILER ALERT: The movie takes place on Brown Mountain, North Carolina. Apparently multiple disappearances happened in the camp sites up near this old tunnel. Every night there would be flashing lights coming from the sky. No one knew what they were. (They’re aliens) This movie was so pathetic it put me to sleep halfway through it. It happens like any other movie that is filmed this way… One person goes missing. The people run away. Another person goes missing. They all run away. Someone gets their body bent backwards like a pretzel and sucked into the air. Everyone screams and hides. Uh-oh little Billy dropped the camera! Now, we only hear muffles and leaves rustling. There’s screaming in the background. 

Is this not the typical first person film? It is so annoying I almost wished the authorities never found the camera in the field. 

I think a three star is way too generous for this movie. I would have given a .5 star. Just for having a decent concept that was executed very poorly. 

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