Followers? (What’s the Point?)

I’ve been going through some blogs this morning, reading about everyone’s day, or running into the wretched posts about how many followers someone has, or how to make your blog look better. It’s scary to think that some of the blogs I follow on here are starting to turn in that direction after I really enjoyed reading their days and their writing.So I’m dedicating this short post to the people so obsessed about followers.

Why are we so obsessed about pulling in people to read our material? Is it because we want to be a famous writer? Maybe be a blogger like Perez Hilton one day? Are we so intrigued by getting that one little like or that one comment to be able to change our day to something great?

I don’t know the answers. I hardly even know why I get excited to see a new follower everyday. I don’t know if it’s because we are brought up to try to be something of substance in our parents’ eyes, or if we just want to have those 1 million followers that spend their hard earned cash on our next book? Our society has become so caught up in all of these different -isms now, I don’t even know which one to really write about because they are all basically the same thing. People obsessed with having more power through authority, money, or popularity. Why is the human race so obsessed with power?

We naturally want to be free to roam and do whatever the hell we want. We don’t want to be trapped inside of a work place, doing the same damn thing everyday like a bunch of robots. We want to travel, explore, and learn about the world and universe. What are we learning in a place that uses corporate slavery to shackle us to their brand? Absolutely Nothing! We are growing into a society, where we feel we need to be led and told what to do to be able to be safe and secure. I mean, at twenty-one I was told to start saving for retirement! Which of course, I have.

Why do we give into the things that we are told to do? 

Is it because at the time we’re too young to understand what it’s like to be at the age of fifty and still working? Or is it because we look at other people who are suffering and say, “I don’t want that at all.” I really don’t know what the reason is that we do the things we do. I know security is a big reason, but I’m rambling onto a different subject that I really don’t want to move into. Anyways, followers, why do we want them/ need them?

What are they doing for you? Are they paying your bills? Are they giving you a shoulder to cry on? For one, these are all a no. Maybe for rare cases it’s a yes, but this is an absolute no for most of us.

You should enjoy writing, and not worry so much about who is following you. I know I enjoy new things to read about on everyone’s page especially when I have hardly any followers, but I like it that way sometimes because I can be more connected to those people. Let’s all admit, when you have more than 500 followers, how many of those blogs are you actually going to be able to get around to later on to say “Hello I enjoyed your post.”? It’s tough to get back to all of them! All I’m saying is please write for you cause I really do enjoy reading about successes, poetry, novels, short stories, and in general life! The reviews about books and movies are fun to read too. Please find connections that can help you get to your goals as well. Also try not to forget why you write, it shouldn’t be for fame or fortune. It should be for you.

5 thoughts on “Followers? (What’s the Point?)

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  2. I’ve also been thinking about this, and for myself personally I think I get so ridiculously excited when I get more followers is that it’s like an achievement. I’m a sucker for achievement systems, like on the Xbox. I might be so sick of the game but I just have to keep playing past the fun in order to get more of those meaningless trophies. Not that this is the same thing. I genuinely just like writing. But the trophies we get for random milestones don’t help…

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    • You are completely correct Kate. I know I’ve been a huge gamer and achievements have been my obsession. Especially, when you get new weapons or new levels for each achievement. Thanks for the comment!


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