Evil Deceivers


“What was that?” I ask myself, waking up to an unusual dream.

The loud popping sounds of machine guns and pistols have awaken me from my peaceful slumber. My wife lies next to me still asleep, as though, the noises were not happening at all. I decide to let her rest because I don’t want to listen to her bickering about the events that have awaken me from my own dream. In some ways, I guess it was best for me to leave the world of beautiful women in my fantasy.

I flip the covers and feel the cold air brush my legs, giving me chills up my spine. My eyes wander the room, noticing an eerie difference in the appearance before I fell asleep. I glance over my shoulder to see that my wife is still snoring away, while the heavy fire power is still echoing outside the small condo. The shrill scream of a woman can be heard down the hall, and three gun shots follow. I stare down the hallway to the kitchen, but it looks like my room hasn’t been attacked yet.
As I walk down the narrow hallway, I hear the low growl of a creature. The snarls of this grotesque beast came from the corner of the wall, where the living room is. I cautiously walk to the corner to take a peak and to my surprise it’s a wolf crouching on its hind legs near the glass doors of the balcony. It continues to growl, and its hideous eyes glare at me as though waiting for me to approach the counter to reach for a weapon. Instead, I decide to approach the creature with caution. Its back arches and the hairs on its spine rise like a frightened feline. I sit on the couch to pet the animal and attempt to calm it down.

The wolf calms as I stroke its soft hair but as I stroke the side I feel a warm liquid. I pull my hand away to find the crimson liquid shining in the moonlight from the window.

“Your hurt,” I say, walking away to the kitchen. The animal’s malicious growls make me realize for now I should remain silent and calm. A whine escapes its throat as it rubs its head on my knee. Its icy blue eyes make me want to stroke its head more as though it were my own pet. Suddenly, a loud bang on the door brings me back to reality.

“Open up!” A man calls from outside the door. I stare at the creature and it raises on its hind legs ready to attack.
“No, you must go,” I command, but the creature does not acknowledge my warning and pounces off to the door. A man kicks the door in and arms his weapon as the wolf waits at the door. The man wears a black suit and a helmet that masks his face. I stand up from the couch and run to the door to try and reason with the men, but it is too late. The men unload their rounds on the creature, when it tries to defend itself from the its attackers.

“What is going on?” I ask, watching the men drag the corpse of the creature into the hallway. “Why won’t you answer me?” I continue to rant, waiting for a reply from someone.

“Sir, go to bed. We will have this place exterminated as soon as possible,” a man says, pushing me back into my room.

I peek into the hallway and notice many of the neighbors turning into wolves. The howls and gun fire continue to reverberate throughout the hallway of the third floor of the hotel. I run to the bedroom to wake my wife, but she lies in bed.

“Sweetie, wake up! We need to get out of here!” I exclaim, pushing her roughly on the mattress but nothing seems to work.

I flip the comforter off of her face and find the lifeless corpse of her body lying in a bloody heap. Pulling the covers off more, I discover her body has been mangled and torn to shreds by one of the wolves. My tears pour from my eyes and streak down my cheeks as I stare at her cold body in a puddle of warm blood.

“Baby, no! You have to wake up! You have to!” I cry, but there is no response from her. Then, a heavy bash in the back of my head knocks me out.

I wake up the next morning to a horrible nightmare. My breath is heavy and I sweat profusely. I push myself up from the mattress, but there is something that cuts my finger. The item is sharp and metallic with a wooden handle. I remove the covers and before my eyes is a butcher knife from the kitchen with blood stained on the blade. My body feels stone cold as I look over to my wife’s side of the bed and see a crimson stain go from the head to the foot of the bed.
I roll over to the edge and find my wife’s lifeless corpse on the floor, staining the white carpet. My hands tremble, not realizing how this has happened to my beautiful wife. I scurry to the floor quickly and stroke her hair, leaving the butcher knife on the bed. Her lips are icy as I touch them with my warm lips.

“Honey, what happened?” I yell, trying to pull her up from the floor.

Then, a chuckle comes from the closet, and I realize someone is in the room. I look over the bed into the closet. There is an unfamiliar man, standing in between the clothes hanging in the small space. Then, he looks up at me and those same icy blue eyes of the wolf make me realize it’s my wife’s ex-husband.

“Now, you will know how it feels to be in pain,” he walks into the bedroom and to the door.

“Why did you do this?” I ask, leaving my wife on the floor.

“She will always be mine,” he says, chucking with a hint of the same wolf’s growl from my dream.

“So it wasn’t a dream?” The question rings in my head as I wonder how long she had been dead.

“It was. You just need to remember it that way. The police will be here in one minute precisely. Better make a break for it before they find that butcher knife. Ha ha!” My wife’s ex-husband leaves the room.

I hurry to hide the evidence and wash the butcher knife under the kitchen sink. The cool water soaks on my cut, making me squint from the slight pain.

“Freeze!” The police storm into the kitchen with their weapons raised.

“It’s not what it looks like, I’ve been framed!” I scream as I walk towards the police.

“Drop the knife or I’ll shoot!”

“But wait this isn’t…” I continue to interrupt, trying to show my innocence, but the men fire.

I feel the heat of the bullets go into my body and strings of blood expel from my abdomen. My knees become weak once the rounds have been fired. I fall to the floor and lie there watching them run to the bedroom to discover my wife is miraculously still alive?

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