The Creative and The Work Related


I haven’t posted much about my days lately. I think I’m going to update you guys on the last few days. It was all work, and a lot of wanting to jump back on here to post some imaginative and beautiful short story. I’ve really been trying to post some poetry, as well as, short stories, but I have been so fixated on my novel, Eversoul, I haven’t been able to focus on my posts much. I have also been trying to read a lot of your posts and trying to get around to all of you guys to really see what’s out there. I mean, I could sit down and read the same author, the same poet, and the same magazine about the same thing I usually read, but this week I really wanted to dedicate my time to checking out people I don’t know. People who write extraordinarily well, whether it’s poetry, inspirational, or weird. Either way, I have really enjoyed looking through a lot of blogs. 

I think we can all learn from each other. Everyone has their own writing style, their own talent, and their own expertise in a subject. I am still trying to learn what my expertise is, but I know writing is the most comforting and therapeutic thing I do. I’ve read a multitude of reviews on authors on here that I am excited to really try to dig into, so I can see what stories are out there.

It’s nice to know there are people who still have a soul. I’m about to go watch The Strain. Hope all of you sleep well, and I’ll be writing some short stories, poetry, and I might even post some chapters of Horizon on here for you guys. Tomorrow is my off day from the day job of playing with fruits and vegetables as you can see. Keep writing and enjoy reading! 

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