What am I reading?

Well, I hate to say this, but I have 2 different books I’m trying to read, but I seem to get pulled into a new book every week. At this moment, I am reading The Benevolence Archives by Luther M. Siler. He is a fellow blogger that I came in contact with on here, and I ended up reading his synopsis on some of his short stories. I’ll review this book later once I’m finished with it, but here’s his blog if you want to check him out infinitefreetime.com. Also, so far from what I’ve read, this is actually a fantastic collection of science fiction short stories that really grabs the reader from the get go. If you like goblins, ogres, elves, and many other fictional characters, plus space rides through the universe. Definitely give Luther a go.


I’ve also been reading James Patterson’s 1st to Die. This book is very eventful and is a real page turner. I’ve been wanting to get back to it, but I’ve been really trying to organize my reads this week. I’ll try to review this one when I get a chance, but a short synopsis: it’s a CSI novel with a death of two newly weds. The police are trying to keep the media out of the picture, but one reporter finds a way into the crime scene. 


Also, if you have any other suggestions, or you are fellow author. Please feel free to send me the links to your books. I’m an avid reader and really enjoy multiple styles and genres of writing! 😉

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