Day Off

I spent most of my day today cleaning the house, mowing the front part of the lawn due to the rain, and sleeping. I did get to show you guys a little bit about my side project, Alan Dread. I think I may post that story on here instead of doing a full fledged publication into a novel and book. After proofreading it, I’ve realized I don’t know if I’d be comfortable letting my mom or grandma read it. Has anyone else had those feelings about their writing? Where sometimes you write in detail about grisly and heinous scenes that may make your mother disown you?

Well, I’ve been reading ALOT today on my day off. I’ve managed to find some time to write a little bit of Eversoul, as well. I’m pleased to announce that my release date for Eversoul will be December 6th. I hope you guys enjoyed Horizon because this second installment of the series is going to throw you for a loop! 

Anyways, I’m going to spend the rest of my night working on Eversoul. I may post one more time before bed. Hope everyone is doing well!

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