Check out Justina Luther’s Blog!

I finally have some time to sit down and do a little bit of blogging before I start my usual routine for the day. I sat down and read a few blogs today. There is one blogger that I really enjoy reading because she really knows how to put you at this point like what’s going on to THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY! But it’s they good kind of escalation, where you are enjoying what the story starts out as to a grabbing plot that makes you wonder, “Why? What happened? I want to know where this story is going next?!” I really enjoyed her writing, and I would hope she does pursue publishing some of her work because I know I would go on amazon and purchase it. Anyways, her page is: 

If you get a chance to read some blogs today, definitely swing by hers. She has interviews with her characters, and she allows readers to ask any questions you may have. These show up on the following weeks post of that story. She is definitely an awesome read and I highly recommend following her! 🙂




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