Shout Out to All that have Helped with Horizon!

“If you want thrill, fantasy, politics (that coincides with today’s politics) and a major adrenalin rush–get this book!  It is SO well written, and in a "Game of Thrones" style, which I truly like.  There are many characters whose stories are seperate but come together, so it helps that chapters are named by the name of the person it is about (to avoid confusion and keep the suspense).  The concept/idea was brilliant and William Lloyd truly delivered!  You will be hooked from the intro and screaming for the sequel once you are finished.  A highly recommended book from a fresh new author.  I actually found this book much more appealing than well-established authors out there….Dean Koontz was one of my favorites, but this author just bumped him down a notch.  Not giving any spoiler alerts….just get the book and you will understand!”

5 Stars

-Anonymous- Barnes and Noble 


“Great book! It grabs your attention right from the start. I really felt like I was on Mariknia. Throughout most of the book you are on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen to Aaron next. If you like science fiction, you’ll love this book. I recommend this book to everyone that is looking for a good read.”

5 Stars

-Corey Wallace -Amazon


“this author has an exciting mind and has shown it thru this book. he rates with Steven Koontz. he leaves with a cliff hanger. hope to read his next upcoming book.”

5 Stars

-Patsy Doss

“this author rates with Dean Koontz and Stephen King …absolutely a riveting book and a real page turner …can’t wait for the next book!”

5 Stars

-Jane Clack


I posted this because i wanted to give a shout out to the readers that took the time to read, and post their thoughts on Horizon. Even if some of them came up to being negative, I would have still put them up. Right now, I only have 4 reviews from people, who really did enjoy Horizon. I thank all of you. There is never not enough time to give gratitude to the people that help build the foundation for your writing. Even if it is just as simple as reading your work. I know I’ve worked with one amazing phtographer, Stevi Clack, to create a beautiful cover. My editor for Horizon, Christine Newton. I also wanted to thank my mom, my dad, Nadine, Daniel, and my sister for all contributing towards giving me their thoughts in the making of Horizon.

I would like to also thank Corey for constantly promoting Horizon on his facebook pages and introducing me to my new editors for the second installment of Horizon, Eversoul. Thank you Tori and Kara for accepting the challenge by reading Horizon and catching up to the the excitement building up to Eversoul. I want to also thank all of the people who inspired many of my characters that are constantly trying to survive throughout this story.

Also, i would like to thank the fans that have sent me emails, voice mails, and simply running into me outside of the house occasionally for making this experience so special. This couldn’t be possible without the support of all of you. Thanks you!

Hope you guys enjoy what is to come, and hope you enjoy the crazy things that are pondering in my mind on here!






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