Back into the Addiction!



Thanks to some fellow bloggers that I got to play with last night, I am officially back on the wagon with Call of Duty. We had some awesome matches and for once it actually felt like we were operating as a team instead of running around aimlessly like idiots. We won some and we lost some but in the end it was a kick ass night! If you’d like to play with me, my gamertag is ColumbianTolbert on the PS3. I’ll be there probably in a few minutes. If you’re not playing Ghost, let me know which one you are playing and I’ll see if I have it to jump on there with you. Cheers to all of you! Hope you guys are having an awesome Friday! By the way, I survived the dentist…

6 thoughts on “Back into the Addiction!

  1. Ahh you’re a COD geek like me and my boyfriend! We play Ghosts on the PS3 a lot of the time… it’s so much fun when you’re kicking ass all day long 😀 this is probably the main thing we will miss when we go on our travels! Not being able to relax in comfy clothes and eat pizza all night while playing COD will be extremely sad… it saddens me to even think about it! What other games do you play?

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    • I play Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, I have all of the Call of Dutys from Modern Warfare 3 – Ghost. I know occasionally we’ll pop in Super Mario Bros on the Wii. I play Portal 2 sometimes when I’m in that puzzle kind of mood lol I enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto but I haven’t gotten around to it lately due to work and writing. I’ve just been in one of those moods where I need to get the aggression from stupid people off my chest lol Hence why I play COD so much now. My gamer tag is ColumbianTolbert if you guys ever are looking for someone to play with on there after/before your travels lol I may be on today or tomorrow depending on what’s going down at work today.


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