Switzerland: Continued…

I found a few more photos of Switzerland that I forgot to share. I found more photos from the entire trip, but I’ll hold on to those till another day. 

1916925_1200089679398_3616806_n 1916925_1200089879403_2058201_n

This is where we had just departed from the train, and we’re about to ride on another train that slopes upwards to the top of the mountain. Kind of creepy experience, but I enjoyed it. Especially when we reached the top.

1916925_1200089719399_1885341_n 1916925_1200089759400_2230101_n

I can’t find any photos of myself at the top of the mountain in front of Mount Zermatt. I’m sure I have them all in a photo album somewhere, but this is my dad in front of the mountain. It was a very cloudy day so we didn’t get to see the peak too well, but we did enjoy the experience and journey just to get up there. It’s definitely a sight to see if you ever get the opportunity to visit Switzerland.


There was also a small band playing in the city just below the mountain. So I felt the need to photo bomb this. Kind of creepy of me to do this. Glad I’ve somewhat grown up since then. :\

1916925_1200089959405_2880082_n 1916925_1200089919404_3501632_n


And here I am blowing into a very long horn. I think, from what I remember, the older gentleman next to me told us this horn was their form of communication to other towns in the mountain range. It was actually pretty cool having the opportunity to blow in this thing as hard as I could till I turned purple and died…. ? Just kidding.

Anyways, I’ll have more photos posted in the next few days. Pretty tired right now from reading and blogging today, so i think it’s time to go rest up for my work day, vet trip, wedding shower, and birthday dinner tomorrow. Oh my gosh, that is a whole lot of events in one day. Cheers folks!

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