Hey Guys!

I have missed writing and reading the last few days. It has been very eventful and crazy with work, vet trips, and wedding showers, it seems like I barely have time to pull up my pants when I wake up. I hope everyone I talk to on here is doing well and being productive with their writing. I just want to point out that not posting anything and just reading everyone else’s posts and living life outside of my office has been a breath of fresh air. I was really trying to post at least once a day, but seriously, after writing poems, posting chapters, and talking about my everyday life there’s not much to talk about unless you’re living it. A lot of you guys have actually inspired me to go back to doing things I don’t normally do anymore like play video games, go outside to walk, and socialize with the people around me. It has been a nice two days away to be able to bring you my first post of: The random, the inspiring, and the crappy.

1. If you guys remember my posts of the fat ninja, that is what happens when you run out of things to write about. You find crap that really isn’t that amazing until epic music is in the background. If you don’t remember this video, I’ll refresh your memory! 🙂



I know it’s just water bottles, but some of those strikes were clean!.

2. I have no AC at the moment so I am sweating to high heaven, and I can’t get anyone out here to check it till Tuesday. I have three fans running in my living room as we speak. Maybe it’s time for me to do one of those ice bucket challenges. hmmm… 

3. I’ve been really whooping some butt in some Call of Duty the last three days. Actually sat down with Nadine last night and played till 1am. Now, that was exciting. Especially since using a gun is so damn overrated. I decided to stab people for two hours. I think I found my new talent on that game. 31 and 15. Some craziness there.

4. I watched The Greatest Dad  a few days ago and let me tell you that was actually a decent movie. I did a small review on A Walk to Remember last week and I explained how people fall into our lives for a reason. Well, Robin William’s character may not have known that his son died for a reason. Even though that reason was kind of shallow and messed up. His character found out that people will always take advantage of you, and they really don’t care about your feelings if you don’t have something to offer them. One minute you could be living on cloud nine and have a small support group, and the next thing you know, they’ll drop out from under you because some other bastard is being more successful. It’s strange to see how death and life plays an important role in all of our lives. The only thing that is planned in our lives is our death, we all know that day will come soon enough. Our life is a mystery though. Is it possible that one person’s death can inspire a person to create something so beautiful, but use someone else’s death as a way to promote their own talent? 

I know we all see it quite often in the world today. A man/woman loses their child for some unexplained reason. They grieve for weeks, possibly months. They return to work and live their life the way they normally do, but they write a book about it, or the press catches wind of the event and promotes it. I mean, that person is now close to famous because of a tragic event. That person may not expect to be in the spotlight, or even want to be, but they are pulled into that spotlight because of greed. Everyone wants to be noticed, even television networks. I don’t care who you are, or what you say, if you’re writing a blog or posting videos on youtube, or simply have a facebook. You want to be noticed. Once people start to view your posts, watch your videos, or like you photos. It’s almost like an addiction. You post more and create more things until eventually it is out of control. People want to be liked by other people. The only problem is, when you’re already lonely, bringing in those same people that made you feel lonely before will only hurt that much more. No one is really famous. I mean, the things they do, say, or write is what makes them famous. Do we really care about those people deep enough to say, “Hey, you’re living on the street? Well, my door is open to you.” Yes, you may agree to it at first, but everyone has that annoyance that is creeping deep inside them. Once you see it, you’ll know that their talent is the only thing you truly cared about. We are all people, whether you are the one trying to impress, or the support group, you have the impact of turning someone into a good person, or an evil one.

5. I’m looking for something to read. Already finished the unfinished books I was reading, now I need something new. Any suggests? Any writers want to send me your work for review? 




6. I went with numero dos for the outfit to wear at the wedding shower. The bad part about that day though, I was drenched in sweat. I need to invest in some sportier clothes. 

2 thoughts on “Hey Guys!

  1. Welcome back! Fat ninja is amazing. I had to show my partner.
    AC problem: When I couldn’t afford aircon during summer I used to freeze those blue ice blocks that keep your food cool in the esky (cooler, chilly bin, that thing where you put your beer) and then walk around with one under my shirt. Works wonders. Also another Australian tactic, wet tea towels then freeze them. Can either put them in front of the fans to blow cool air and have a fire hazard or just put it over your face.
    On the COD issue. I got a picture from my partner the other day when I was at my friends which was a screenshot of his scores. 34 to 6 or something. It was like he won a Nobel prize or something.
    I’m currently reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and I gotta say, it’s pretty awesome so far. It’s fantasy though, don’t know if you’re a fan. And my writing is so not ready to see the light of day just yet!

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