Critics that are Assholes

K so I just wrote a fairly nasty post about a “so-called” critic. Took me ten minutes to write with very choice words that would probably make me seem like a total asshole, but I’m taking a deep breath and brushing my shoulders off. I deleted it. What do you do when it seems like a critic is being biased and pointing out all the negatives to your work? Do you fight for your baby, our let it go and accept the criticism? First bad critique and I’m already about to have an aneurysm. I need someone who is credible to help me know if Horizon is up to par with the novels out there today. I’m going to go play some call of duty.

3 thoughts on “Critics that are Assholes

  1. It’s good that you deleted the post you wrote. Although also good to write down the frustration first! I used to be part of a website called Critique Circle, which is fantastic is you want your work critiqued honestly by lots of different types of readers and writers. It taught me to have a bit of a tougher skin, but generally the advice is very useful. It might be helpful if you’re not sure about your work.
    As for the critic, I can’t say whether they are biased or not, but I always think it’s better to just let it go. Generally if the critique is all negative and offensive to the author, people who read it tend to disregard it as a troll or something along those lines. If it’s negative but points out some good parts of the novel, then that’s not a bad thing either. So that was one person who didn’t like it. It cuts deep, but in the long run I think a lot of people have already enjoyed your story, and will do in the future. Personally, I did. I want to read the second one.
    Call of Duty is always good to let out the angry. I personally go play tennis and imagine the ball is someone’s face. One time I did that, hit the back of my mum’s leg and she had a bruise there for a month. Good times.
    Hang in there!

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    • Yeah, I mean, I think the reason this person critiqued it so harshly was because she was one of my former associates that I managed, and I don’t think she liked the idea that I was doing well with my writing. I don’t know, i usually have a thick skin, it was the way she presented it that made me frustrated. I don’t mind negative critique, but if it has taken you almost a month and a half to read the first 3 chapters, then obviously it’s not your style of writing or your genre. I prefer a simple, I can’t get into it, sorry it’s not my kind of genre. Instead of a lengthy note that says it was basically crap.

      I think I got spoiled with such good reviews of my novel that I was blinded when it came to the negative. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m going to send you some of the files in a few minutes of the second book. I would really be happy to get some critique and suggestions from you on it before I release it in December. Hell, if you’re good enough maybe I’ll hire you as my editor lol


      • Ah, okay. It’s a shame if she did do it on purpose, it drags down the scores. It probably affected you more because you knew who she was. Excellent! I’ll start having a look at them tomorrow 🙂 I’ve not had much experience with editing, so don’t get your hopes up!

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