Horizon- Paperback, Hardback, and Digital



Since I have a few more followers this month, I wanted to post my book for anyone who may be interested:


This is where you can purchase the hardback and paperback.


Here’s the link for the digital format on the Kindle.


Here’s a brief description of Horizon in case you are interested in reading:

Our world is in danger of extinction due to the multiple world wars that have progressed the last century. The government aggressively strikes a new specimen into the general population, which was discovered on a world called Mariknia. This new specimen has created a catastrophic event that could lead to an apocalyptic end to our home, Earth.

Aaron Lambright is the son of a navy hero, an alcoholic, and a struggling citizen of Australia that can’t hold a stable job or relationship. In this chaotic end to earth, Aaron will be our only hope for survival.

11 thoughts on “Horizon- Paperback, Hardback, and Digital

  1. It’s very cool that you have your own book! How did you manage to get it published? I’ve always wanted to write my own but I figured it was really hard to get them published. Well done, it sounds like a good read!


    • I actually spent about 3-4 years doing research on the subject and genre. I also edited like 50 times and had other eyes looking at it throughout the years. I hired an editor and she said that it was fantastic. It had a few minor corrections that needed to be made, but she loved the plot and the character development. Honestly, I never did send to a publisher or an agent. I just said the hell with it and self published it. I’m surprised about the outcome of it. i already have readers begging for my second book. So I’m actually extremely proud of it, even though i didn’t go through traditional publishing. If you go traditional, it’s hard from what I hear,plus you don’t have as much say on what goes into your book. So that’s why I did this one on my own.


  2. This sounds like a sci-fi book I read many years ago. Alvin was a ‘unique’. His purpose was to find a way out of the sphere which had been created eons past by survivors of Earth after a great catastrophic event.
    As I write I’m now finding it hard to see the similarities..!!
    However, I can’t recall the book title or author, and haven’t known anyone else who has read the book.
    You sound like a good bloke. All the best with your writing. I believe you are very good.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Absolutely, however I doubt I’ll ever remember it; I’ve been trying now for a heck of a long time.
        I very seldom read these days; nothing holds my interest. However, as I mentioned, you have a talent. Keep going with it, and it’ll pay off for you, my friend.


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