What Have We Become?

I heard this song driving home tonight from work. It kind of made me think about a lot of things that are going on in my novel as well as all the crap that is going on around us. Why is it so hard for people to appreciate what they are given? Whether it is freedom, an easy work day, or simply washing the dishes. I’m no hero, but I wonder why we are all subjected to being classified as lazy, stupid, or under achievers? Is it because we all have this ego within us that thinks we are the best, or have we come to that point where human rights and values don’t matter anymore? 

Have you ever overheard a manager trashing an employees name because they’re out from a hurt back? In my mind, they’re no better than the trash next to my desk. We are becoming more selfish everyday, and I wonder how long it will be before our downfall is because of that reason. Greed is our weakness.

2 thoughts on “What Have We Become?

  1. Very interesting song/video. One thing I disagree with though. I reckon every deployed soldier suffers from some form of PTSD after they return to civilian life. It must be incredibly hard to readjust. They do deserve more from us.
    I have heard a manager talking badly about employees, and employees talking about others badly. I always call them up on it. Not a big fan of bitching behind people’s back. It’s just a form of bullying. If you have a genuine complaint about someone do something about it, don’t bitch about it to everyone.

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    • Yeah, a lot of soldiers do come back with some form of PTSD. I’m not a fan of the US getting involved in international affairs where we have no business being involved in. If a country is going through a civil war, our battling for their freedom we automatically jump in. Now we are mixed up with all this crap in the middle east and now our own home land is at risk. This is why I don’t agree with us going to war with a country once every decade.
      As far as soldiers, these guys are human too. Here in the US our military is giving the opportunity to go to college and study for free to be able to earn a degree so when they get home they’re not left with nothing. Now many come back.jobless and homeless. Now our government has cut funding.on their retirement. It’s just a big slap in the face. I just think they do a job no one wants to do, but they all do it for their family. It’s just a very unfortunate situation for these guys and I wish there was more that could be done to help them.


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