Ideas, Views, and Publishing

 I’m sure there are many writers/artists out there that feel this way. Do you ever feel like you have a achieved a great goal, but the dividends are just not there to make it seem that special? I know ever since I published my first novel, I had many of my friends, family, and strangers asking about it. Many of them have told me that I have achieved a great feat of actually finishing something that I have labored over for years. Although this may be true, it still is hard to live in this economy and life that we live in today. Recently I told myself that if I want to sell more books, I need to agree, or shut my mouth to gain more popularity from people. I use to be a very out spoken person on social media until I published my book, but why is that? Why do we all of a sudden silence ourselves to be able to achieve an even higher goal for our pieces of work.

Freedom of speech is a big thing in America, but it seems like as soon as you have an opposite view a group of people automatically pull away from you goals and aspirations. I haven’t been outspoken about my views of anything as of lately because I’ve been writing it in my books. If you can guess my points of views on situations in the books I write, then I have accomplished something with my words. I just hope I don’t deter fans from my thoughts. You guys are my most important asset, and I try to repay the favor to many of you by bringing something to the table even better.

Fellow bloggers, I enjoy your articles everyday. I actually started reading some books on here that you guys have put out there. People have asked me why I haven’t submitted my work to any traditional publishers or agents. Well, to answer your questions here is why.

1. They take to long to respond.

2. They have control of your ideas.

3. They don’t care about you unless their pockets are getting fat.

Plain and simple. I went self publishing because I believe in myself and don’t believe in the corporate world. Yes, i may not be making as much as I could be, but it’s a great feeling to know that the people around me support me as well as my work. I may be a rock star to them, but I am still the same guy they knew yesterday. The one that cracks jokes and plays with fruit all day. Plus, i don’t know if I could keep up with millions of people wanting to talk to me all the time. I would rather have an audience that I can relate with.

2 thoughts on “Ideas, Views, and Publishing

  1. I’m going to try traditional, just because I can, but I’m not going to be bound by that. If no one’s interested in my book, then I’ll go for self-publishing. I don’t mind so much about sales, but it seems pointless to write a book and then have no one read it. I write for myself, but it’s also nice to have people enjoy what you write as well. Spreading the love, almost!


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