Have you ever browsed through blogs lately and the same topic just pings at your eyes? I’m sure a lot of you have seen the posts about procrastination, writer’s block, and I just have too much to do right now. We all have our own lives, and our own routines that are more important to us than writing, but I will say why do we have to make writing something that is grueling and a pain? I can understand writer’s block, believe me I’ve been through it, but do we really have writer’s block? Do we really just not have enough time during the day to be able to write?


I will say that I am probably one of the most laziest people on this earth. Nadine will tell anyone that, and I would not think less of her for saying that. I don’t know what it is that makes me condone this kind of behavior, but I think it’s because I have a lot of ideas spiraling in my mind, but I don’t know where to start. I’m not saying people are lazy and that’s why they don’t write. I’m just saying that is my personal reason for not writing sometimes. I will also say that I do have ideas pop up in my head, but I am terrible at keeping them organized. I have this issue at my job too. I walk in there and I just don’t know where to start and it gets absolutely overwhelming.


The funny thing is though, as soon as I start in one direction, I tend to find my way through the rest of the project. Everything plays together in the professional world. If you want to keep your job, you act professional. If you want to write for a living, you have to treat it as a profession. I actually keep a log of how much I write every day. Even if it’s not towards my book and it’s just simply writing a blog, or commenting on someone else’s blog. Also, every time I read someone else’s blog I tend to learn something new about this art. It can either be marketing my novel, or trying to get through those grueling first 20,000 words. I talk to some of my fellow bloggers about it, and it surprises me to see how many of us actually go through the same struggles.

This is how I plan out my days:

5 am – 9 am: Write at least 1000 words

9 am- 5 pm: Daily Routine/ Work/Read/Spend time with Nadine

5 pm- 7 pm: Blog/read/ Comment

That pretty much summed up my days the last few weeks, but I will admit some times I don’t get around to writing anything. I know I have the time to write, but I always tell myself I’ll do it later. I think that’s the worst response for any writer that they will write later cause later seems to never come and all of those ideas are congested.

I have found that reading other bloggers novels/posts gives me a lot of inspiration to want to write more. I enjoy interacting with the people around me on here because it’s fun to laugh off the frustrations of not finding the motivation to write, but when you think about it what are you doing right now? You are writing, adding followers, commenting, reading, or simply sitting there staring at a screen trying to check out the next hot chick’s blog/ hunks blog that pops up on your reader. (I couldn’t resist, I know too many on here who actually do that last one). Anyways, if you are really in a spot where you just can’t get the ball rolling, my suggestion would be to write 100 words. Then, the next day write 500 words. Then, push for 1000 words, but if you are really just having a hard time writing the story that you’re interested in, maybe you really aren’t interested in it? Maybe you just have an interest in that genre because you’ve read incredible pieces from other people, and you keep telling yourself, “I want to write like those authors!”

Sometimes it’s not as simple as just forcing yourself to write something you absolutely don’t know anything about. Maybe you should start off with a subject you know, and work your way into that genre. I did that. Hell, I even wrote a 400 page novel and tossed it in the shredder because I knew it was CRAP! Now, that was a very disappointing realization, but how many authors do you think go through that same rude awakening? I could name at least five on the top of my head, but we all have to experiment with our writing somehow. The best way is to just sit down and write continuously without stopping. Try to discover something deep inside yourself that you didn’t even know could be pulled from your soul. There is always a horizon inside all of us.



  1. Great post. The best advice I ever got about writing was to always stop in the middle of a sentence, that way when you come back the next day you can finish your sentence and flow on from there. In a way it’s important that you maintain that flow isn’t it. It’s so much easier to edit a badly written sentence then it is to come up with that sentence to start off with. Anyway, I’m well acquainted with procrastination. That’s pretty much what I’m doing now, instead of the editing I should be doing… -Dee

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    • Yeah, I’m stuck on procrastinating again. Decided to sit and blog for a bit instead of work on my book. lol I have so much to do before December 6th. Thanks for the advice, I’ll have to try it. Never thought to stop mid sentence. It makes sense.

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  2. Great post and loads of advice right here! I will admit I am quite curious to know what the title of your 400 page novel was going to be…or will you be saving that title for your next book?
    Also, thanks for liking my post…appreciate the blog love.

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  3. True that, it does need to be treated professionally. Otherwise it can be abandoned like all those other hobbies in the past. Just out of curiosity, how on earth do you find hot people’s blogs? Do you search for ‘super hot babes’ in the tag section. I feel like that may come up with some interesting results 🙂 Maybe I can get more followers if I plaster my super awesome hot face everywhere. Or lose them…

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  4. Sometimes readers don’t agree with us in what is good and not. I am trying to publish some of the stories I have written but I don’t think are publication material in Wattpad to see if they have any reaction or not. And it has made me rethink things…


    • I use to feel that way about Horizon, but I took a chance with it and put it out there. The response was a lot better than I expected. I’d say put it out there. You’re going to have nay sayers but you will have people who love your work. The biggest thing is make sure your writing is polished and edited 100% I’m sure you have fantastic stories but how will I ever read them if you don’t put them out there. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  5. First let me say thank you for following my blog and second this really hit the nail on the head for me. I know I procrastinate, just no way around that fact, but I do find that I have so many ideas, things going on in my head that sometimes I don’t know were to start, and it drives me crazy. My baby brother told me to just start anywhere and it seems that you are also offering up the same advice….so I’m just going to start somewhere when I feel overwhelmed and know that it will all work out in the end. I look forward to reading more of your posts and of course I am always on the look out for a great novel to read.


    • Thanks for reading! Yeah, it took me a long time to learn this about myself but after comparing my hourly job to my writing it makes sense. If you have a huge work load, where do you start. In the work force we have managers, in writing, we only have ourselves. I will say just starting a novel is the first accomplishment even if that start ends up being moved to a different chapter later on. Just stay organized and dedicate yourself. I believe you can do it and when you are published let me know. I’ll buy your book pronto!

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  6. Did you really dispose of that 400-page novel? I hope you saved an electronic copy at least?! Only because how often don’t we hear of writers who think something they wrote is crap, only for it to be found and considered good years later?! Maybe it takes some time to pass before you can see it with fresh eyes…sorry, I was surprised by my reaction to you writing that and had to say something. 🙂 Anyway, great post!

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  7. I fibs the best way through writer’s block is to simply “practice writing,” strutting down to write free of the pressure to produce a Pulitzer prize winner or even nee on task, just follow your mind and write whatever drivel and dreck might be there. Then your mind soon wearies of that and some nugget surfaces. I find it extremely useful to read aloud my writing practice, as well. I learned this practice from Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones and Dorothea Brande’s Becoming a Writer. The practice was inculcated into my way of being by early mentors like Miriam Sagan, Joan Logghe, and Judyth Hill. I’ve been using it in my free weekly writing workshops as the Tumblewords Project since 1995. We gather add write and read aloud-ours an automatic antidote to writer’s block. Thank you for this thoughtful essay.


  8. We all have our ups and downs I guess. I started writing the same way, and as time passed, I found it revealing. It helped me empty my soul and heart of my fears and sorrows, and let me move on. Helped jot down the questions swirling in my head. Enacting them as you may say. Your post above, echoed and runs parallel to my beliefs and your options to help with that, are worth the effort. What do we have to lose right? Thanks for the post. And keep up the work, never give up, never surrender. 🙂


  9. Great post! I think people often use writer’s block as an excuse for when writing gets too hard. And let’s face it – it is hard. The only way to conquer it is to keep writing, and to finish what you start.

    Thanks for the follow, btw… always great to find fellow writers in the blogosphere!


  10. ha ha, i always have those moments where i realize the project i was working on for 5 straight hours is crap and toss it (while weeping internally). this post makes me want to write more, and better! thanks for following! ^^


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