Just So You Know….

I have the hiccups. Ugh! So aggravating trying to eat and you get a chip lodged in your throat because of  pesky hiccups. Anyways, I’m going to start this post off with a hello to all of the bloggers who have decided to jump on board with my journey through blogging, writing, video gaming, and dealing with the norm. Now, if you would like to rant about anything that frustrates you or something that makes you go absolutely ape shit, then this is the post to comment on. To all the bloggers that I communicate regularly, even if it’s just commenting on your posts or emails, well thanks for reading yet another one of my posts that you are probably two seconds away from clicking the next blog you enjoy reading. Here is what I have been doing for two days in a collage of pictures:

2014-06-26 19.43.06


So let’s see. I enjoyed spending time with my puppy Luna. It was Nadine’s birthday so we had a nice little dinner with some family and friends. Played Destiny the last two nights straight till 4 am and 2 am. Then, I watched this guy eating and drinking some stupid shit that made me laugh hysterically at some points.

I mostly wanted to make a post about Destiny. I don’t know why but this game is awesome. I know that the critics gave it a 6/10, and I really do understand why but if you like to just shoot shit and watch things explode, this is an awesome game. I especially like the fact that you get to upgrade and build up your character throughout the game. It’s like playing an rpg in first person shooter. If you liked Halo and Call of Duty, you sure as hell will love this game. Especially since it was made by both of the creators, Activision and Bungie. You get a little bit of this and a little bit of that in both creator’s worlds.

I will say that I have missed a lot of opportunities to write and get things together with Eversoul, but I really needed some down time to get my head back in check and ever since Destiny came out, I really do have a little bit of a more positive outlook on things outside of my own mind. I will say one of my fellow bloggers did give me some really good advice about not just pleasing myself but trying to think of it as helping others. In whatever profession you’re in, you will always be there to please the customers. It was very motivational to hear someone tell me that I am helping someone even if I’m not doing it in the way I want to do it. I know that the career I was meant for will come, but I really do wish it was here now. I actually applied for a job with a blogging company and did their little assessment and… failed. It was very discouraging to get the email, but it feels like that is their loss, not mine. Anyone else ever feel that way? Ever feel like all of those rejection slips you receive from publishers is just motivation to push your work even more to prove those people wrong?

I think my problem is, I just don’t know how the process goes, and who to contact to be able to expand my horizons with my work. Right now, I have all of the fans that buy my book and read it. (Hopefully leaving reviews to give me an idea of what they want out of the story.) But also, I just wish for once it could be easy. For once, I could do something that would pan out in a spectacular way, but right now, it seems that I have to really dig deep to get where I want to.

Thanks everyone for following my blog and sending fantastic comments and messages through the last few weeks. It has really helped to give me motivation to give more to you guys.

Have a pleasant time wherever you might be in this world.

6 thoughts on “Just So You Know….

  1. Nice post. Good to see you drag yourself away from Destiny! I’m not a fan of Halo or CoD, but I must say way back in the days of the first Halo I accidently finished the game for dad and he’s never forgiven me for it. But it’s his own fault! He kept stopping to shoot all the baddies! You’ve gotta just run.
    Every time I get rejected, whatever job it is, I just think, they’re going to regret not hiring me. It really helps 🙂

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