Soul Searching

I’ve done a lot of soul searching this last week and to my surprise I’ve finally come to terms with what is bringing me down about my current situation. I am grateful to have a job, to have a wonderful fiance, and to have a roof over my head. The only thing that I am missing right now is the career that is worth my time and effort. I have spent so much time each week at my current job that I haven’t really had the chance or opportunity to really search for anything better. I can hardly even keep track of the days because of the time I spent at the store. I went from being an assistant manager working 53+ hours to going part time 35- hours, but right now I’m hovering around that 40 hour mark each week. The only reason I did this is so that I could find something better and focus more on my writing. After searching through many writing / reporting jobs, I’ve finally come to terms in knowing that I must go back to school to be able to get the good jobs in the market I am interested in.

Now, I could write novels all day and work on blogging all the time, but right now, it has been a pretty slow season for me, or maybe my writing is just terrible, who knows. haha I will say that it does get tough, and I know I’m not the only one with the problems that I am facing right now. I just really wonder how the people that are doing worse than me are able to survive everyday. I don’t know how I could do it.

Anyways, I think I’m going to go back to school and try to earn my degree in English. I would love to try and be an editor, but I have to brush up on my skills before I can ever consider taking a job like that. Right now, I constantly find errors in my writing, which I do neglect them sometimes on my blog because I’m either tired, or rushing through some of my posts. This is a big No No, but it is what it is, and I hope you guys can forgive me for it.

I have recently posted a new entry in Murdoch Jones’ blog, and it is a little more in depth on the current situation. I really hope you guys are enjoying what I have put together so far. So far it has accumulated 7 followers. Which isn’t too bad considering this blog only had like 2 or 3 the first 2 days. I remember not knowing what to even write on this blog. I see a lot of people who have “How to” blogs and “Informative” blogs. I’ve seen “Cooking” blogs, and I ran into a Dominatrix blog a month ago that kind of made me have to do a double take on the screen.

I honestly think that a lot of the posts I do are extremely random, and I know that is probably my downfall as far as the popularity of this blog. I never really started this to gain followers, but sometimes you need those followers to critique the craft you are trying to perfect everyday. Right now, I’m sitting at a little over 400 followers. It’s pretty cool to know that I have some people that actually enjoy my work. Plus, the 20 or so people who actually like and comment on my posts. Then there’s the 5 that have awesome conversations with me. All in all, if you don’t see me promote your page, it may be because I don’t know who you are. Kate Turville spoke up and gave me the gist on Australian life so I could try to learn more about that lifestyle for my sequel. Marcus had some awesome poetry that blew my mind and made me howl for more! Aetherhouse is someone I met through Kate that has  many interesting posts. RandomMoose is another fellow blogger that I check out sometimes because of the video game and movie posts. I’m just big on that kind of thing!

See there are many people to meet on here and there are so many more amazing people I have talked to that I haven’t even mentioned on here. It’s either because I haven’t talked to them in months, or they have decided to drop off the face of the earth because they didn’t get enough readers or followers. I’m just going to say this now, screw that mindset. If you really think you need followers/readers to inspire you to continue to write then you’re writing for the wrong reasons. WRITE BECAUSE YOU LOVE THE ART OF IT! I was gone for almost three weeks because of Destiny and I received four emails from bloggers that wondered where the hell I went. Well, let’s just say i ran out of stuff to do on the game and now, I’m back in the swing of things with new subjects to talk about. Now, I have the Phantom Force blog with Murdoch doing journal entries. I’m considering doing another character soon, if Murdoch is successful.

There are so many ways to write these days, you just have to be creative to pull your readers. I’ve been critiqued by a handful of you guys and I really appreciate it because I don’t think about the things you guys point out. I try to avoid sensitive subjects, and I did it before my hiatus, and I’ll probably avoid that for now on. Appreciate all that feedback, NOT! Anyways, I know I’m rambling now, but I’m rushing on 5-Hour, Chocolate, and Coke. It’s nuts in my head right now. Be careful, I may start talking in third person soon.

William out!

4 thoughts on “Soul Searching

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I enjoy your posts as well.

    As far as the English degree/editor aspirations – just be careful to make sure that you’re either willing to move to a town with editing jobs, or that you already live in one. Or that you could find a way to do freelance editing, because that really is a job you can do from home (a minor or dual major in business might help). One of my post-college struggles was finding a science job in a town that has no science. So, I truly believe that location is what makes a degree lucrative, not really the degree itself (aka, it’s not all science = job, humanities = unemployment. If you’re in New York, you’re better off with an English degree. If you’re in Huntsville, you’re better off as an engineer).

    And just speaking from my own life, four year degrees really aren’t….worth as much as they used to be. Truly. If you can go for cheap or free, may as well, but it’s just not worth getting into massive debt over. My mom got a good degree from a tech school that cost about $10,000 and she’s been employed in a white collar career ever since. And her degree was in graphic arts, so it was a creative field too! But again, this just depends on location and the reputation of the schools in your area, etc. I wish you luck with whatever you choose!

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    • Yeah, I honestly don’t know what I want to do. I just love writing, but I’ve considered going back for audio production and video because Atlanta is starting to pull in Hollywood studios soon. So idk Terry. I just want to go back to school and get a degree in atleast business marketing but English just seemed good too. I just don’t know a lot of jobs looking for it down here though. That’s the only thing stopping me.


  2. It can be tough trying to find something that you enjoy that also pays a bit of money. I’ve had several jobs where I’ve hated it there and finally not even the money was enough to keep me there. I’d rather earn next to nothing and enjoy the work. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. It can be a very tough decision.
    Thanks for the shout out 🙂 I’m not the most Australian Australian out there, but I know a little bit.


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