What’s Important?

I have contemplated this question for a very long time, and I think I have found the answer for myself. I know everyone has their own goals in life and I did too, but I feel like I lost sight of what truly was close and dear to me. In high school, all I thought about was the next step in my life. How I could make millions, and how I could become famous. I think a lot of us may have been there at one time, and a lot of us had more ideal views of what would happen once we went to college. Well, for one, I don’t think I have too many friends from the same group I hung out with back then. They have all kind of found their own life and no longer exist in the life I’m trying to build for myself. I know for a lot of us it may have been tough to hatch from our shell and move on with our life to start anew. Then again, some of us it was probably easier.

I just want to say at this current moment, I am satisfied with most of the things in my life. I know when I became an assistant produce manager, I was very miserable and unhappy. My work schedule interfered with a lot of the family activities that were going on. I would miss birthdays and even vacations set up for us all to go to. I think I missed a few of my cousins graduations as well because of work. So why did I do this? Well, simply put, I didn’t have the freaking balls to tell upper management to shove it up their ass. Now, I’m pretty sure I’m more vocal than I use to be because honestly, I have discovered something more important than a job that requires you to skip family events and to miss out on once in a lifetime moments.

Yes, I stepped down as an assistant to pursue writing and a better job. I am still searching for that better job, but I feel like my writing has strengthened and I actually enjoy writing now. It wasn’t like this back when I was an assistant though. No, no, no. When I was an assistant, I was working between 53-60 hours a week. My pay was cut in half after every 10 hours after 40 hours. Everything I did was wrong, and I was pretty much claimed as the idiot of the group. The reason all of this happened was because of the lack of training, the lack of help, and the lack of competent upper management. Plus, the corporate stranglehold was a huge reason I decided it was time to let it go. Now, I’m just working part time for the same company and waiting for that moment to be able to walk away and enjoy that job that is waiting for me.

Anyways, back on topic. What is important in your life that makes you live and breathe?

I live for my family, and I live for my fiance. I am no longer under the impression that making loads of money and being the spotlight of every magazine is the life I need. Oh no, that could never be the life for me. I know that I would rather know that someone loved me for me, and I had people around me that actually cared enough to help me in dire times than be around people that made me feel empty inside. I remember having people in my life that told me they actually truly cared about me and in the instant of a single argument have disappeared from my life for good. I’ve been in arguments with my family, and they have always been there for me. Even my fiance has been there to help me through everything that is going on right now. The crazy thing is, even her parents have been there for me!! I look back at the people I thought I knew very well growing up, and I have realized they all have no true place in my life because they really could care less if I rot in a storm drain.

Wow, I’m really ranting right now. I wasn’t expecting this to happen, but I really just have a lot built up inside me. Sorry about that guys.

So what I’m trying to make clear here is: Don’t let fake people make you feel wanted when they actually make you feel alone inside. If you needed help tomorrow, would those people be there?

If you lied, and the truth came out about yourself, how many of those friends would still be there and understand why you lied?

Remember, your family will always be there, and if you can’t keep your family in your life, then what do you really have? Maybe you have lots of money, but can you talk to money, can it make you warm, and can it give you an ear to talk to? Maybe your famous, but how many of those people that love you so much will love you after you’ve been sent to jail for a mistake that everyone has made?

Family, you need them so don’t ignore them.

12 thoughts on “What’s Important?

    • Thanks! I’m glad this spoke to you. It has been tough for many people out there especially trying to find the meaning to their life. I just know that I’d rather hold the people near and dear to my heart close than satisfy the ones that are out to destroy that important part of my life. Thanks again!

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      • We’re all looking for peace and fulfilment. The realisation is that we have to find it within ourselves. Writing is my purpose, and it’s opened my eyes to a lot of negative habits that I fell into. Mostly though, I get to sit down, read a lot and if anyone says anything I tell them I am working 🙂

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      • You are a great example of the real work ethic. Becoming a wage slave is not a good way to work. Trying to get balance in your life is key. It sounds like you’ve arrived. I haven’t yet so it’s nice to hear it’s possible. Thanks 🙂

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  1. This post really struck a chord for me too. I’ve always been a natural loner and found it difficult to make friends, but what was more important to me was to come to terms with what I really wanted out of life. It’s easy to get caught up and convince yourself that what you ‘should’ do is what you want to do, and it took me a good couple of years to work out the difference. Then a funnny thing happened – I made friends who have been there for me to this day!
    It’s also important to remember that it’s perfectly okay to change your mind.

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  2. Yes, that’s exactly what I was going for. It’s okay to pursue other things. You don’t need to drown in one place when something else is waiting for you. Especially if where you’re at now is pulling your family apart. Definitely choose family over work


  3. I hate to be cliched and say that is so right on – but it is. Love is important: the love of family, the love of friends – and love for your work. For me, that’s writing. I prayed for a way to quit a job I hated (I was too deeply mired in financial commitments to just walk out); Life sent me an illness. Hey, I now had all day every day free for writing. Did I mind the severe cut in finances, that I had to majorly downsize? Not a bit of it. To be able to write all day, every day. Wow! It was my dream, and it came true. Be true to yourself, that’s what’s really important.


  4. I’ve always know that family takes precedence over employment. It’s easy to loose perspective when job is demanding. Especially today with the failing economy. The do more with less can be overwhelming. Good post. Thank you for following my blog! 🙂


  5. This didn’t come across as a rant at all. I found your authenticity heartwarming and safe. I don’t like fake niceness or over-politeness. But I do love straight from the heart communication. So thanks for sharing.


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    • Thanks! I get passionate with subjects and occasionally lose myself in some of my emotions. I totally understand all the posts you’ve left and agree totally with standing up for yourself and taking care of yourself. I’m going to drop in on your blog soon. Been running around with work and errands lately sorry for the late reply

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