What to do?

Has anyone ever contemplated whether to A) Write B) Clean or C) Relax and just enjoy doing something else. Right now, I’m stuck in between these three categories. I started cleaning when I got home from work. Now, I’m contemplating whether I want to progress with my novel, or if I want to sit down and play Destiny for a little while. I know I really should write because as a writer professionalism is the key to becoming known and gaining more knowledge about the craft. It’s just really hard sometimes to sit down and really want to work hard. This is me being completely honest. I know I love to write, but so many distractions hinder me from wanting to finish and excel at my work.

Alright, here on out, games come last. I want to hit a little over 10,000 words a day, but I’m barely tipping the 3,000 marks every day. I even took down a cup of coffee to try and keep me energized with some caffeine. Like I said before, procrastination is a long and dirty battle that we are all probably going through as we blog about our lives, or teachings. So I’m taking a stand and telling myself to look at my future possibilities. Will I choose to continue to play games, work for the same company, and stay stagnant with my writing? Or will I be the guy that actually publishes 3-4 books a year, and creates an audience that is empowered by his words?

I really hope I can find a way to be the second guy. Time to write. I’ll try to answer messages later. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my blogs and kept me excited everyday this week. Sleep well!

13 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. Oh yes, Procrastination is my middle name! And it is so hard to be creative when you work. But I like your stand to be the guy who publishes and empowers his audience. I am a painter, not a writer, so this may not work….but sometimes (often?) I will do something else creative, like a sketch or play with colour mixes. Is it possible to do something like this, but writing. Work on writing a character sketch or description of your coffee cup? Brainstorm? Write a story of 100 words? Any use as a suggestion?


    • I know that sometimes if I have nothing to write. Whether it’s writer block, or just simply too burnt out to write, I will start drawing maps of the chapters I wrote. Like if I have a scene set in Australia, or Alaska, I’l actually sketch the landmarks where my characters travel and jot down little areas where significant events happen.
      I find it easier to do this in science fiction because I can make up pretty much anything I want. I haven’t done it much lately, but it definitely helps to create an atmosphere of creativity and brainstorming that in the long run really just help with my novels. I never publish these drawings in my books though, but I have been asked to show them occasionally. I use to be as self conscious about my writing as my drawing. MY drawings are pretty scary sometimes haha.


      • There is something very satisfying about hand drawn maps. I can see how you would find them useful to work out where your action is taking place. An Australian author (Robert Drewe, I think) created a whole world when he was a child, and continues to visit it. I wonder if he drew maps…..


  2. It’s great to have a goal of 10,000 words a day, but don’t get discouraged when you don’t meet it. After all, 3,000 words is better than 0. Hang in there.

    P.S. I can’t blame you for wanting to play Destiny. That game rocks!


    • lol yeah, even 3k is tough sometimes. I just wish I could let the words roll out on paper with a snap of my finger.

      Ooo do you play? Cause I need some people to play with right now. lol ColumbianTolbert is my gamertag!


  3. If I have several things I want to do throughout the day, I plan a roster. So instead of saying, ‘I must write this many words,’ I try to write for at least an hour every day. I tend to plan everything else around writing. I also know myself and know that I can’t sit in the chair for hours so I break it up.

    That’s just me though.

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