My cousin just got married yesterday, and I’m very happy for the guy. I was sitting down the other night with beer and pen in hand, thinking what’s the next step to getting Nadine and me to the alter. Well, after discussing it with my beautiful fiance we are currently ahead of the game as far as planning. Haha which I didn’t know.

I don’t normally give speeches, or talk much about what’s rumbling around inside me, but the last two days made me want to write.

My cousin Alex married his love Emma yesterday. It was a wonderful day for the Lloyd and Nolt families. I can remember a few glimpses in the past with Alex and still am in shock that we are already at this point in our lives. We were born two days apart, we had birthdays togethers, we experienced mischievous moments, some tearful losses, and a immense amount of time playing video games and watching football.

There’s a lot of love that is spread by the Lloyds no matter what obstacles we face, or what views we have. We experience life to our fullest and usually have someone by our side whether it’s a close friend, or our true love. I remember my Uncle Lee’s girlfriend saying once, “I’m a northern girl, but these Lloyds are true southern gentlemen.” Now, I don’t know much about that first part, but I will say we are the ones that will hold the door for you, be at your side every waking moment, and kiss you good night even after a fight.

Marrying someone you love is a commitment, but a Lloyd will always do their best to leap over those obstacles, and keep that fire alive.

Congratulations, Alex and Emma Lloyd and to both of you may everlasting love continue to brighten your path.

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