A Wonderful Review of Horizon

Just read this on Barnes and Noble’s Nook page. This is a true testament to why I enjoy and love the art of writing. Especially when readers go out of their way to express what they loved about the novel. This was a five star review for my novel Horizon:

If you want thrill, fantasy, politics (that coincides with today’s politics) and a major adrenalin rush–get this book! It is SO well written, and in a “Game of Thrones” style, which I truly like. There are many characters whose stories are seperate but come together, so it helps that chapters are named by the name of the person it is about (to avoid confusion and keep the suspense). The concept/idea was brilliant and William Lloyd truly delivered! You will be hooked from the intro and screaming for the sequel once you are finished. A highly recommended book from a fresh new author. I actually found this book much more appealing than well-established authors out there….Dean Koontz was one of my favorites, but this author just bumped him down a notch. Not giving any spoiler alerts….just get the book and you will understand!

5 thoughts on “A Wonderful Review of Horizon

  1. Thanks for the recommendation!

    I’ve not heard of ‘Nook books‘ before. So, thanks too for the edumacation!

    PS Typo alert:
    “… stories are seperateseparate but come together…”

    (I used to get this wrong all the time myself: but then I learned to remember to separate my parachute.)


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