Deeper into My Personal Life

Since this weekend has been a wonderful weekend filled with love and joy of a newly married couple into the family, I would like to jump into a little bit about my fiance, Nadine Ford. I know I have written about many different and random subjects, but I don’t really get many chances to really write about the one that makes me who I am today.


This is Nadine, Luna, and me during Thanksgiving.

I met Nadine about four and half years ago at a small pizzeria. It was on the corner of a four way street across from the Farmer’s Market. I remember I was in a small three piece band at the time, and I was working on the weekly vlog with my drummer, when I received a message from my guitarist. He wanted us to stop what we were doing and drive about thirty minutes away to this pizza place to do a mini acoustic open mic night. At the time, we both didn’t want to because we were tired as hell and just wanted to promote whatever gig we were trying to pack out at the time.

Anyways, we went anyways because the word “GIRLS” was brought up. I guess when your as young as we were that one world will have you in a whirlwind out the door and into the car. Anyways, we headed down to the pizzeria and when we got there it was a thin crowd, but I wasn’t going to walk away from any crowd if they were interested in our music. We walked inside the restaurant and that’s where I saw Nadine. She was sitting with her cousin in the booths, and I couldn’t help but feel my knees weaken. I seriously felt like I was going to either throw up, or pass out because I was really thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever met. If I remember correctly, I think she was wearing a Nightmare Before Christmas Hat.

I sat behind her near the booths and played it cool trying to seem like I wasn’t too eager to catch her number. Instead, I just texted her cousin and aunt constantly trying to find out who she was. Eventually, we started talking, and things clicked quickly between the two of us. It was almost like meeting my other half. Anyways, my guitarist and I played a few songs, and I proceeded to continue to try and flirt with Nadine like a teenage boy. I got her number that night and we met up at a shopping mall, where we could get to know each other a little better away from everyone.

I learned a lot of things about her from her past relationship to her hometown on Long Island. She described the ups and downs of her life, and even revealed a few secrets to me that made me a little nervous at first, but I felt like there was something different about it from everyone else.

Over the years we have traveled together from Savannah, GA. to Illinois to New York City. It was a dream come true for me cause I was actually travelling alone without the my parents accompanying me. I always wanted that from someone else. Someone that wants to achieve the same goals and has the ambition to grow more every day.

I’ve had this question asked to me many times by people because Nadine and I have been engaged for two years know. We’ve been together for almost five years. I don’t usually have a straight forward answer with everyone I talk to about this because there are way too many things that come to mind. So THE QUESTION… Why do you love her?

I sat down and really collected the memories and events that have brought me to be able to answer this question that should be simple, but sometimes is a little cluttered. So here it goes. I love her because she believes in us, she has faith in better things to come, and all she wants is for me to be happy. I know we have both had our struggles in the past and even now, but I will say the will power that we have to get past some of the conflicts and bumpy roads is amazing. I’ve met people who are very materialistic and just have their eye out for a guy with cash. Well, I know Nadine isn’t like this because, well, I’m broke as hell at the moment. Also, there hasn’t been a moment where she has regretted being with me because of the finances. I remember writing my first book Horizon, and everyday she would flip through a few chapters. She always seemed to push me to keep writing. Especially any kind of romance that might be happening in the story.

I can honestly say, she is the motivational tool that kept me working on Horizon. She’s the reason I get fired up everyday to get another 10,000 words written. She is also the reason I wanted to get a real job, buy a house, and build a family with her. I don’t know how our lives got here. I don’t even know what path we both took to end up at that pizzeria, but every day I do wake up to the most amazing woman alive. When I feel her arms wrap around my neck, her lips press against my cheek gently, or her voice whisper into my ear, everything seems to just be at peace with me. I can’t complain about the things I wish I had, or the life that I wish we could be living right now. It feels like each stone has been placed perfectly for us to cross whatever void that might be below us. We are not you average couple by far. We play multiple video games like Destiny and Call of Duty. We read Walking Dead comic books together. We even enjoy watching Marvel movies together. Chick flicks have turned into no nos lately it seems.

She’s a fantastic cook. I could eat anything she makes and be left with a smile and a full belly. I do wish for more massages, but I can’t complain when I’m the one giving her a massage. She does work a lot, and I do too. I stepped down from my job just so I could experience a little bit more life with her. I can say she will tell you I’m very spontaneous, and I will instantly do anything. Sometimes it scares her, but she knows I try to do the best I can to make her happy. I’d give up anything for her. If there was a bullet in her way, I would be the one to step in front of her and take it. To me, love should not be about sacrificing, it should be about wanting to be with that person. It should be about letting the past go and building a future with that person. I’m in love with Nadine for the simple fact that we could go to hell and back, and still give each other a high five and a solid kiss.

These are only a few things to answer the question, Why do you love her? There are so many more clustered in my brain right now, and I know so many more memories will add on to the bundle later on in life.

“You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.”
― Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

14 thoughts on “Deeper into My Personal Life

  1. Thank you for this wonderful look at love, right now I am in love with a good guy, though at this time I have to take a step back because of somethings and for him to know if he really love’s me as he say and can we move pass the betrayal I feel at this time. If you don’t mind I would love to send him your quote about what you think love is and the link so if he wants he can read the complete story. But it truly sums up what I’ve been trying to tell him about love.

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    • Thanks for following, and thanks for sharing such a heart felt personal story. I’ve been married to my High school sweetheart for 16 years and when people ask me why i love her I always tell them, ” Because I was born to :)” Best of luck to you and Nadine.


  2. Thanks for the follow! Just to let you know, I’m still married to the love of my life–35 years and still growing! May you and Nadine continue the journey for many more years to come!


  3. Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. Hubby and I have been together for over 26 years. Our motto is… Marrige is a team sport. Seems like you two have found the secret recipie too. 🙂


  4. I cried when I read this. This is insanely beautiful, to experience life and love with someone who gives you a reason to want to live. I was recently in a relationship and was willing to give it all up for a life with him, till he left me for his ex. What we had is what you have right now, and what people like me hope for.


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