Black Out

I have finally sat down and wrote down all my goals for the New Year. I even took the first step which was to deactivate both of my Facebook accounts for 30 days. I also scrolled through my phone and deleted some of the names that have either made my life toxic, or have been a negative influence on me. I think the while social media craze has left my life stagnant for some reason. I know I constantly play with my phone and check updates which has caused some wakes in the house. So now, I’m disconnecting myself. Not from my blog though, this is like my journal, but from facebook and texting. It’s time to change and do a different routine. Good luck to you all on your New Years resolutions!

9 thoughts on “Black Out

  1. Good luck with your Blackout. Some of us do spend more time with online people than we do with the real people in our lives. Deleting toxic people from your contact list is a great idea. The new year will be a whole lot better without them 🙂

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    • Thanks! I’ve just been flipping through my friends list and contact list the last few days and it’s scary when you realize a lot of people you use to knew are no longer around anymore. Like they ask have careers or families. So idk I’m just ready to focus on me cause I need to build myself up more. Maybe I can get more writing done without the temptation to check Facebook

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  2. While hanging out the washing the exact thoughts you have just covered crossed my mind! It’s that time of year isn’t it? When we realise that in order to move forward we need to eliminate the negative and those distractions that go hand-in-hand with it. I wish you luck!


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