Comic book

So I’m about to jump into something very new to me other than being a reader to comics. I’m about to create a comic book series with a co worker of mine. Any suggestions from comic book writers/artists? I’ll post samples once we piece everything together.

2 thoughts on “Comic book

  1. Cool! I have several friends who are professional comic artists (namely, Joe Corroney and Justin Chung). I think you can find both of them on twitter. They’re super nice, talented dudes who could probably give great advice. Will you be doing the art or the writing? I’ve had ideas for comics before, but I’m such a bad artist that I’d need to find an artist parter 😛

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  2. I’m doing the writing and basic outline. I found an artist partner but I’m just looking for advice on the layout of a comic book and how to fundamentally make it entertaining the reader. Also, how to.get it on the computer. Just a lot of questions.


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