Training Disaster

So I just started training for my second job today, but I think I was more stressed out than excited about it. Like don’t get me wrong, the people I worked with were ok, but the job just wasn’t for me. Anyone else ever walk out of training at the end of the day and say hmm… I don’t want to come back tomorrow. If so what would you do?

7 thoughts on “Training Disaster

  1. Honestly, it depends on how much you need the job. Retail/Food jobs are pretty much never fun, I’m afraid. I would be shocked if you were thrilled to go back the next day!

    But if it’s just a side thing for extra money, there’s no reason to put yourself through it if you’re uncomfortable. I used to work as a theater usher sometimes during college – it was a fun job, but I have no interest in returning now that I’ve got a full time job. The extra $400 just isn’t worth it for working exhausting nights, often weeknights, on and off throughout the entire month of December.


  2. I felt the same way when I got a job at a pet resort. When I applied, I thought, “Oh, how cool I get to take care of and play with animals all day!” Um, no. That is actually only a small part of the job, I soon found out! It’s a lot of hard labor. A lot of cleaning and sanitizing and washing. The worst is the smell in the kennel first thing in the morning. It was so bad that I almost quit the first day because of the smell as we were walked into the kennel area where the dogs are kept overnight. Even though the dogs are taken out one by one to do their business before the end of a shit, they still always pooped and peed in their kennels. Not a glamorous job at all, and I always smelled so bad at the end of my shift. There are no holidays and no weekends off because animals still need to be taken care of whether the facility is closed or not. Hard work and only minimum wage. I stuck it out for a while though because I needed the money since I was in school full time at that time. I finally got to quit once I took the state exam for my career. Phew! I did like being around all the animals, though. I love cats and dogs and it was fun playing with them.


    • I just didn’t feel comfortable with sketchy customers and dealing with no communication. I just ended up saying the hell with it. I still have another job that pays a lot better and it really doesn’t hurt me. I just want something better than my current job.

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