The Temperament Scepter

Here is a breakdown of my current work of YA, epic fantasy, fiction.

Alexandria Roe has been abandoned in Saldon Forest by her estranged mother. She is attacked by a pack of wolves and is saved by a man, Thomas Eires, who adopts her into his family.

Nine years later, she develops unnatural changes in her body and discovers she has inherited two different genes, one of a sorceress and one of a wolf.

She learns the origins of her new family, but a dark sorcerer has come to Eliptica to find the final piece to the Temperament Scepter. An amethyst that was passed down to Alexandria by her mother.

Will man be able to overcome the greed of riches, or will they help Alexandria on her quest? A life of struggles, lose, and lies wait beyond Eliptica’s borders, where Alexandria will discover the secret of the amethyst and herself…

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