My Journey

As you read this, I’m using my phone to post this so I may have some errors. Sorry in advance.

I had no clue what to title this post, but my journey seemed appropriate since I felt the need to write about my start as a writer/reader. I’m going to start with kindergarten because this is where I started with reading and  coloring my own books.

I remember in kindergarten I was classified as a child with learning disabilities. The classes were called special ed. Some may know about these classes. I was put in there because I couldn’t touch my nose and hop on one foot at the same time. At the time, I didn’t know the difference and didn’t care because everyone around me I got along with very well.

Anyways, I read a lot of Clifford books in that class. The one with the big red dog. I enjoyed the books so much I drew my own silly little characters in story form and enjoyed it completely. I know for a while I stopped because I was doing a lot of different sports and scouts. I guess I lost interest in it. Then, in fifth grade, I started doing s comic book with my friend. We made one each week, have it to our teacher just to see what he thought. Apparently, he really enjoyed them until I took it into my own hands.

I did one book about Star Wars Bloopers and it ended up being a bit gory because of jedis’ limbs being chopped off. Plus, I had to make it graphic so a lot of blood. So guess, who didn’t find it amusing and had me sit in with a counselor for a few weeks? Yeah, I pushed my boundaries a but too much, but did I really?

After that, I started writing a lot of camp fire stories that weren’t that good because I didn’t know how to write well. I just loved to draw. So I write a story, entered it into a contest at school and… I lost. I felt like I had just lost the final boss of Super Mario Bros. It kinda stung.

Anyways, I stopped writing till I was in tenth grade. I started writing lyrics for songs in my band. I was actually really good at it and enjoyed it. Not just because girls liked singers at that age. Although that was a perk. I enjoyed it because I put my emotions into it and I got to spend time with friends. It was fun!!!! Then, you hit 18-19 and your band wants to pursue real careers and ditch music for a bit. Well, not completely for some of the guys.

I think I started writing my first novel Mirror’s Veil. Problem was, it was terrible. I tried every way to fix it even gave it to an editor and it was just boring. So I put it down and started Horizon. Now, although Horizon was a lot better, I wasn’t as pleased with it cause I was trying to piece chapters together in chronological order. Also, everyone seems to think they are a great editor when actually, that’s not the case.

I know my love for stories came from video games and movies. My inspiration to write originally came from these two things. I loved playing games with battles and saving damsels. I also enjoyed the ones with a badass hero who destroyed everything for their own purpose. Movies I’d say stem from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Goosebumps.

Oh, I almost forgot one memory that really destroyed my esteem. My literature teacher said she would read a book I wrote while I was in high school and I was so excited that she was interested in it. I have it to her but at the end of the day when I was going to ask her about my grade, guess who’s manuscript wad saddling over her garbage can? Yup, mine. Very discouraging indeed.

I want to tell you that yes my few earlier works were bad, but I have improved immensely only because I had a family member really help me with my editing and teach me how to use better phrasing and words. It was my aunt that helped me and a bad ass I wanted to cower away and never write again. I went back to fix my errors and learn my genre better.

My writing journey has been bumpy in the past, but I wouldn’t say it is bad. I’ve learned, grown, and achieved. I’ve even talked to authors who have beat the odds and write full time now. I wish I could but it requires a lot of dedication and I’m turning that leaf now. This month so far 32,000 words. I’m thirsty to publish something better now.

5 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. It’s wonderful that you’ve written 32,000 words this month! Your writing journey is also a very rich one. I used to kill off or ignore all the parents in my stories before I was 12 or so, and my parents were really concerned that I wanted them dead or something. I was like “no, parents just get in the way of plot!” lol. And what do you expect, after raising a kid on Star Wars and Disney? Parents are never in the picture! Luke couldn’t defeat the Empire until his aunt and uncle were uh….not in his way.

    So yeah, I know exactly what it’s like to be wrongfully misunderstood as a kid writer. Kids don’t see violence and death the same way adults do. It’s not malicious or angry – it’s usually just mimicry of the video games, etc, we’ve been exposed to.

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    • Yeah, I think it’s funny how in my first novel that is sitting in my filing cabinet has parents that are missing throughout the story. In horizon, the mother does of cancer and the father tried to save her but ends up disappearing add well. This new book though, the biological parents are alive but the character knows nothing about them. But she does have an adoptive family. Idk maybe it was the Disney movies lol


  2. While you and I are of different generations the story sounds quite familiar.

    Thanks for following “Down the Hall on Your Left.” I started it last fall to help me get back in the groove of writing every day.

    I look forward to reading more from you.

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  3. Was one of those misunderstood kids also, but just got stronger . Used to think Stephen King was the best ,but started to like Anne Rice …

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