The Power of People

I just want to say how amazing it is to find so much support from ordinary people around us. When I started writing my novel, Horizon, I had invested do much money into getting it of the ground and putting together a story that I wanted for my own.

I wanted to thank my family for going through the process with me of writing my new novel The Temperament Scepter. I also want to thank my friends for putting together ideas and art for the cover and maps of my book. It’s funny how many people want to jump on a project when you tell then about your story and where you are trying to take it. I see a bright future fir this story and I know many bloggers and readers probably see. NEW BOOK! And turn away, but I want you to know that either way I do appreciate your support by sharing, liking, and inviting your readers to check my blog out.

Thank you all and keep writing!

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