Inspiration Like Bruce Lee Kicking Me in the Balls

How the bloody hell does inspiration form?

I know when I write it’s after either reading a novel, watching a movie, playing a video game, or simply torching ants on the driveway. I had a three week spurt of inspiration a few weeks ago and now, I’m just farting ideas in small episodes. Occasionally, I’ll have that large, loud, and explosive idea. Then, the rest are silent little toots.

I want to get to that place again in my head, but I’m too damn stubborn to latch my butt to my chair and write. Maybe I should add some cushion to it cause when I do other things I’m usually comfortable. In my office, my chair feels like I’m getting elephant humped on an hourly basis.

So what gives you guys inspiration?

7 thoughts on “Inspiration Like Bruce Lee Kicking Me in the Balls

  1. Sometimes I’m inspired by movies or books as well, and even music. But a lot of the things that I write are inspired by events or or real-life conversations I’ve had. I have journals going all the way back to when I was a child. Some of entries written were in enough detail that sometimes it brings it all back to my mind like a movie, and I just get inspired to tell the story. I also have very vivid dreams which would make for great sci-fi stories, but I’ve never tried it. I used to write my dreams down but I nowadays I only do it if the dream lingers with me throughout the day.

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  2. I usually can’t afford to wait for inspiration to pop up. I will just start typing and see what happens or use a prompt like taking three random words from the newspaper.

    When I do enjoy inspiration it comes from reading something good, or seeing a good performer, after a good conversation with someone.

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