Transformers and Michael Bay… Piss Me Off


Alright, here we go. This is a random post about why Transformers has put a sour taste in my mouth. I will say storyline wise, it is an awesome concept. Life event wise that make no damn sense at all, a bit irritating. What do I mean by this? Let’s look at the scene where Sam uses his charm to get Mikaela to sit in his lap.

So they’re in the Camaro, Sam is in the passenger seat and Mikaela is in the back seat. Sam asks her, “Why don’t you sit in the driver’s seat?”

She answers, “No, it’s driving. That’s weird.”

Sam: Why don’t you sit in my lap?

Mikaela: Um… Why?

Sam: Cause I’m the only one with a seatbelt and safety first, right?

Mikaela: Yeah, you’re right.

She sits in his lap and it’s more turning into a hot and sexy moment for Sam. Okay, first of all, no girl is going to sit in the lap of a guy they just started getting to know, unless it’s Santa Claus! The reality of this scene is it would never happen unless the girl was extremely attracted to the guy and was possibly being flirtatious. Mikaela hardly showed any of this signs. Anyways, scenes like this make me go… um… really? Are we rushing the movie a bit?

Now, Sam and Mikaela are at his parents house AT NIGHT ten minutes after nine to be exact. He brings Mikaela to his room from the side of the house from the roof. They search for his grandfather’s glasses blahdy blahdy blah. Autobots destroy back yard and parents flip out thinking it’s an earth quake. They see lights coming from Sam’s room and the power is out. They go to his room and find Mikaela after a long conversation about Sam’s “happy time”

Here’s what I don’t understand, he has a girl in his room without his parents permission. These are high school kids I might add. It’s night time. Wouldn’t parents be like,” Why is there a girl in your room?” Maybe Bay wanted to use the wine the parents had as an excuse to not give a rat’s ass about their bout possibly swapping spits with a sexy girl. Then again, I still think parents will question it a little bit.

Now, when the chick that steals all the data from the military base goes to her friend’s house to upload the data, what the hell? Did she not think the military was going to track her, especially when the guy loved with his GRANDMOTHER!

Let’s skip to the end now.

Optimus tells Sam to shove the cube in his chest if it comes down to that scenario. It would destroy the cube and stop Megatron. So here’s my issue, if the cube is going to kill the bot that has it shoved into their chest, why didn’t Optimus originally suggest it. Is it because Bay was in a hurry to finish the film? Seriously, the whole idea felt rushed, felt fake, and illogical. Sometimes I wish production companies would look at the script and visualize what’s going on cause in today’s world this stuff is totally different.

Anyways, I like Transformers and the concept but the tiny details just really make me question the writer’s knowledge for what society is actually like. Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Transformers and Michael Bay… Piss Me Off

  1. I love popcorn movies and fun action stories but Transformers is just a lazily written cash grab. And it’s kind of sad that the first one was the best one, considering all the flaws IT had. You can’t even say that they’re mindless fun about robots fighting, when both 3 and 4 waited over an HOUR to even show fighting robots. And Megatron gets taken down in like two hits by Optimus Prime everytime. The good stuff is always too rushed or too poorly rendered that you can’t tell what’s going on, and the bad stuff just bloats up everything else.

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    • Yeah, I definitely agree. You can tell it was a money grab, but if you’re not going to give two craps about the story atleast make the fights worth while. Dark of the Moon, the only good thing about that movie was it’s title. Everything else was trash


  2. I had to agree with what you said there. I think we were all supposed to be distracted by who was playing Mikaela to question much of anything that involved her. As for the cube shoving part. If it will kill whatever BOT you hit with it. Why didn’t they just plant it in Megatron’s chest and end his threat entirely?

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    • Yeah, I mean I’ll admit when it first came out Megan Fox was all I could watch through the whole movie. Then, I watched it twenty times and was like wow a hot actress was about all they had going for them. Then Optimus’s occasional slang made me go hmmm he doesn’t sound like that in the second or third one. Idk it was poorly done for sure.


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