Battles With My Brain

I was talking to my fiance last night before we drifted off to sleep. This was after the long day of work and trying to mount a television on my sister’s wall. A long day with many profanities that seemed to be endless. Anyways, it’s funny how lately I’ve been trying to avoid new ideas for a new novel. Why!? Oh, Why would I ever want to do that?!

Here’s my issue right now. I’m battling with my brain on how to finish a story fast with quality, but here’s the problem, I keep wandering off to new ideas for different stories? I’m sure many writers have this problem, but I’m, in a way, rioting against my brain. I’m avoiding the temptation to write something else, but last night my fiance came up with an awesome idea for a story, but I don’t want to jump into it yet.

My computer had about twenty different chapters to twenty different stories that I’ve written. All of them I want to dig into, but I always find myself wandering to another story that I promise I’ll finish. It just never happens because I’m lazy and can’t write longer than ten hours a day for four days a week. If you ask me why not? It’s because I’m lazy, I procrastinate, and after work I usually end up sleeping. When I wake up, it’s late and I have to be at work early the next morning.

I had an idea though. What if I wrote 3,000 words for two to three different stories a day for a year. Better yet 1,000. Instead of writing on just one, work on three different ones a day. That would lead to 365,000 words a year. That’s a decent amount of written stories. Here’s my issue though, my organizing and memory suck! How do I sit down and remember what I wrote for each story?

I’ve learned something else about myself recently. I write about myself way too much. I feel like I hog this little bit of space each week, while every one else has something better to say. Then, I start writing about how I could wish to want to care about someone else’s writing when actually I hope for others to come read my page.

I think I’ve run into about five or six pages out of the 1,067 I have that I actually read consistently. All the reblogs I do are the blogs I read a lot. Here’s my issue though, I’ll go to blogs, like and comment their posts and even have nice discussions. Then, when I get back to my page I’ll get a like but no comment. So sometimes I get a little irritated, especially when it’s the same person liking every post, but no words to my posts. It’s like ordering a cheese burger and receiving it without the meat. Now it’s a damn boring grilled cheese. I know I sound selfish and I will be criticized for it, but we all feel it, right?

You can’t deny when you see my name liking every one of your posts, but I don’t say my opinion or reblog, don’t you get a little irritated? Everyone has selfishness in them to write just about them and only wants the approval from their fellow bloggers. Do you think anyone really cares about what you say? Probably not, but if that’s the case, what do you do to fix that problem? Every blog has it’s own uniqueness unless you plagiarize then you’re just an inconsiderate asshole.

I’m going to say I use to not write for followers, likes, or comments, but in reality, who doesn’t want their voice to be heard. If you feel that highly of yourself that you can say, I only follow those who interest me, then you’re in the wrong place. I know following spurts have actually helped me find new and interesting blogs. It has helped me learn about readers that actually like my work. I think I shed a few tears on multiple pages because they had problems in their life that they couldn’t see any resolution to.

Okay, I’m rambling now. I’m just pointing out the things bouncing in my brain right now. I know I jumped into two different subjects  sorry about that. I just want to say that we all are truly never writing for ourselves. You are writing for someone else and hoping to get some kind of feedback. Don’t be naive like I was from the beginning. I told my readers at the time, hey I don’t need thousands of followers, I just need the twenty I have, but I was very wrong. All the blogs I follow now really molded me into a better writer and reader.

Let me know how you feel about anything on here. Especially if you have any ideas on how to focus on one subject in writing a story.

16 thoughts on “Battles With My Brain

  1. I have always thought that the whole “thanks for visiting (or following) my blog” comments that people write to each other are silly. As is this was some kind of contest where we have to collect as many starts (likes or comments) as possible to win. That’s not what it’s about. If you write stuff that people are interested in, they’ll eventually read it. If you write crap, they won’t. It takes a long time to build a readership, since every person in the world can write a blog. You compete with every one of them. The bottom line is that you had better have something to say that people benefit from, or else don’t waste your time collecting stars.

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  2. I don’t follow very many blogs because I don’t want to spend my day commenting on them all. I have my own daily writing goals and if I didn’t achieve those I would feel as if I was wasting my day.

    I’m trying to resurrect a number of half a finished novels and that can fill up my day.

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  3. I have a similar problem with trying to finish my latest bit of travel writing (and failing) so if you come up with a good idea for how to get a piece of writing finished, please let me know!

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  4. Ha, ideas puncture my brain like sledgehammer concussions. Soon I can’t think about anything else but the possibilities of this really cool new idea and I can’t even function until I write it down. The way I deal with it is I just have a list of other story ideas and I write down what I can before I forget about it. Once it’s down I know that I’m free to let my mind wander again and return to whatever I’m working on. That’s how I try and battle my writing demons, just give them a home and they’ll leave you alone. Once you’re ready to come back to them they’ll be waiting for you to see if that “brilliant idea” you thought of a couple weeks ago is still awesome after some time to think about it. I don’t guarantee this will work for you but for me the fact that I have it recorded and have permission to forget about it is a really nice stress reliever. It’s like I caught a little cloud fluff from the sky and put it in a hat box so I can open it up again and let it float around in my room.

    As for the whole blogger crisis, I’m too young in the game to really give any advice. All I know is that I’m cool with anyone who chooses to read my posts, but it’s okay if they have nothing to add. I guess I’m still naive that way but I really love blogging so far. I’m just here to voice my thoughts, break out of my shell, and connect with people over my favourite thing in the world; writing (gasp! no way!).

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    • I have most of my ideas beckoning me to return but I always tend to stay hooked on one story because I don’t want to end up forgetting where I left off and reread the whole book but I’d have to do that anyways while editing. Stupid me lol


  5. I think I am up to a half dozen “projects” roughly outlined or merely just a page or two that poured out of me one day. Sometime I will get around to fleshing them out more into real stories but for now they seem happy in their little folders on my zip drive. As for the blogging comments. I find myself doing alot of Likes, but not commenting everytime. If someone posts a poem or short story and I liked it, I may or may not comment because my Like says what i would say in a comment. “I enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.” Maybe I am too new at this stuff as well. I was surprised when I had 10 people follow me, now I am up over 80 and still don’t really know what I am doing.

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  6. Lots of great comments and advice above! Hope you find your rhythm. No one solution is universal. Many stories started, but little if any finished, blamed on the inability to recall where you left off…begs for structure! You’ve admitted to poor organizational skills, but a simple check-off list/outline might come in handy when revisiting a story. And may save you the time of having to re-read the entire file.

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    • Yeah, I have an outline for it. Plus character descriptions, it’s just my walls in my office are now filled with notes. Lol I have but maybe I can tuck them away and make notes for another book. Thanks Oscar

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  7. When I was writing fan fiction years ago, I would have several stories going at once. I learned my lesson (I think lol) on not doing that anymore, even if I am tempted! I am more likely to not finish writing a story when I do that. I am writing a romance story right now, but have been wanting to try writing a scary or psychological thriller type story. New ideas pop into my head for a new story all the time. I just don’t want to end up abandoning my other story I’ve been working so hard on. So I get where you’re coming from. 🙂

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