Shoveling Trash like an Idiot

Nope, that wasn’t me. That was the other managers at work who failed to tell anyone that the garbage compactor door was open outside. Yup, a bunch of irresponsible nincompoops.

Anyways, I had a bad day Wednesday, but this particular incident brought some humor into my day. My day started with the button on my pants popping off as soon as I pulled it out of the dryer. Unfortunately, this was my last pair of black slacks because for some reason my dryer tends to loosen the buttons on my clothes. Bastard. I had to use my belt as a way to hold my pants up, but my zipper kept falling down. To my luck, I have to wear an apron all day so my junk remained hidden.

Then, my manager decided it was the perfect day to piss me off. Well, he had another thing coming while in the back lot shoveling crap back into a dumpster. Yeah, karma hits at the most opportune times. I just wish the smell wasn’t so ripe.

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