17 thoughts on “Dropping the Pen

  1. I’m sorry if you are disappointed with writing but if you’re not having fun with it, then yes, move on to something else. You can always come back. Good luck 🙂


    • Thanks, Rellick. I’m just going through something right now. It’s hard to say if I’m going to continue writing again someday just right now I feel like someone just jabbed me in the chest with a knife and twisted. I’m hurting right now, I just can’t put anything into words. Maybe it’s just a long break but I’m really needing time away. Just too much to grasp

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that. You’re a great writer, I recently just read your post Peace, Love and Patience, and I have to say it put a lot into perspective. I wish you all the best and hopefully one day when everything’s alright you’ll pick up the pen again 🙂

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    • Thanks I’m just going to take a short break. Slept on it the other night and talked to some friends and family about it. I may return in a few weeks or months. Just need to straighten things out with myself first. Thanks again Vivian. I’ll still be reading

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  3. Sometimes we reach points where the work ahead of us feels insurmountable. I’m not sure if someone gave you a particularly devastating critique, or maybe you had a better idea for your novel that requires a huge rewrite, or perhaps you’re just burned out. All of that happens to the best of us, so take a break and come back when you feel like you can tackle it. It may feel overwhelming and impossible now, but with enough time and mulling, I think the lure of writing won’t keep you away for long 😉

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  4. I hope you will continue to connect even if you don’t feel like writing. Having solitude to contemplate doesn’t mean you have to feel alone. Even if you don’t write here, try to keep a journal. I wish you well for getting iver the crest. Happy to have you following my blog.

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