Thanks Will.

My friend that I wrote about a few posts ago about mps has started blogging about her experience and sister’s experience going through this disease. Please check it out and follow her to learn more. Plus, spread the word to find a cure. Thanks guys!


So my good friend, Will, suggested to me that I should blog about dealing with MPS 1 Huerler Scheie, or the long word Mucopolysaccharidosis. My sister and I were diagnosed with this disease (it is genetic, so people cannot “catch” it) in 1998.  One morning, 50 new doctors were flown to Emory, to see my sister’s eyes and my eyes, because it was so rare….that day changed the Prince family’s life, forever…

Garth Brooks has the perfect line, “I’m much too young, to feel this damn old.”

i have said that quote more this past year, than I have ever. I can’t complain about the things I can’t change.

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