10 Smells That Make You Happy

I heard this on the radio the other day and I thought this would be a great topic to post today. Hopefully this post can bring happiness and joy to others, and kindly reblog, share, and post your own smells that bring happiness to your life.

1. Cookies in the Oven: I enjoy the smell of cookies. It’s mouth watering and makes me excited to be able to enjoy the delightful taste. It also reminds me of my parents baking them every holiday.

2. Cut Grass: After I cut the grass, I love the smell that lingers in the air. Not the fuel smell, but the smell of wet or dry grass. Reminds me of when I played baseball back in middle school.

3. Sweet Perfume: I just love all of the melon and citrus smells that come off of a woman. It makes me want to just hug the air and reminds me of my fiance.

4. Cigarettes: Alright, I know this is a bad habit and I don’t smoke, but I do like the smell of smoke. I don’t know why, but it reminds me of poker nights and performing in a band back when I was younger. A weird smell but it just brings back those good times with friends.

5. New Car Smell: Who doesn’t like the smell of a new car? You just forked over thousands and the least you can get is a fresh car smell that brings chills down your spine.

6. Hotel Rooms: The smell of hotel rooms is just that small reminder that you are on vacation and finally away from home.

7. Ocean Air: I love the scent of salt in the air. Plus, the breeze and sounds of the ocean. It’s very relaxing.

8. The Grill: Anything that goes on the grill whether it’s hotdogs, hamburgers, or steaks, the smell is divine. Grilling out reminds me that summer is here and baseball season is in full swing.

9. Burning Leaves: I love the barbeque smell that lingers in the air. Especially while I’m driving and the windows are down. It just makes me want to go home and start grilling some food.

10. Beer Factories: The smell of yeast wafting is the air is strong at factories, but it really does make me crave for a stein. The smell of hops also makes me happy too.

32 thoughts on “10 Smells That Make You Happy

  1. Reblogged this on Just Me and commented:
    I thought this was fun and fresh read. Mr Lloyd’s list is interesting to read. I hope to see some other lists come from this. Here are mine:

    1) The smell of apple wood burning in a fireplace.
    2) Summer rain
    3) Sugar Cookies
    4) Pumpkin Pie
    5) Coffee
    6) Fresh Laundry
    7) Lilacs and Mock Orange Blossoms
    8) Italian sauce
    9) Winter air and the snow
    10) Forest

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  2. My grandpas pipe smoke use to smell so good to me, I know buy candles with the scent, my neighbor always is always outside with his pipe too and the smell is just so good to me, I know it may not be healthy but it sure hits something in me and it is so addicting to smell.

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