Searching for the Meaning of Life

Another good read by Insanitybytes22!

See, there's this thing called biology...

Recently I’ve been following some discussions between people questioning the theory of evolution, seeking some meaning in life. It’s interesting and hopeful and sad. One problem with refusing to believe in God and/or resisting the spiritual entirely, is that you eventually arrive at nihilism. You discover that life now has no purpose, no meaning, and no morality. There is no where else to go when you logically walk down that path. There is nothing at the end of it but the abyss.

It is extremely challenging to try to explain the meaning of life in that context, in an imaginary world where there is no God. In fact, I can’t do it. We are either meaningless bits of biological goo randomly springing forth for no reason with no purpose, or we aren’t. If we are, then we shouldn’t even be having this conversation, because it’s all totally irrelevant. We should…

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