Authors Looking for Reviews

I’m going to start reviewing self published/ traditionally published author’s works. The best part is, instead of me telling you I’ll review it if you send me a free copy, I’m going to actually pay for your book. I will accept anyone’s interest in me reviewing your book and because I want to support the world of writing. Like music, we all have to make a living some how, and right now, I want to support you guys, and give you an honest review at my own wallets expense. If you are interested, please send me a message on here. If this gets to be a little crazy with submissions, please be patient with me. Right now, it’s first come, first serve.

To add the cherry to this, for every tenth author that submits their name and book, I will purchase their paperback. For every twentieth, I will purchase the hardback. Ready, set, GOOOO!!!!!

12 thoughts on “Authors Looking for Reviews

  1. Amazingly kind offer Will but please be careful, we don’t want you to go bankrupt buying our books. I know most authors would happily give you an ebook in exchange for a review but why not just buy the odd book that appeals to you and then do a free review on it anyway so you don’t get drowned by requests.
    All the best

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    • I haven’t been drowned yet by requests. I just know the struggle when it comes to trying to pull in readers. Plus, an ebook is cheap anyways. I just want to be supportive even if a book totally makes made scratch my head. Plus, I need more books to read. I don’t know, I just want to contribute to authors’ hard work.


    • I’d give an honest review. I’m not doing it to sugar coat anyone’s work. I’m doing this to support authors and readers alike. If I give someone a bad review from a free book they gave me, I’d feel bad about giving them a bad review. That’s why I’m paying for it so I won’t feel that way. All readers use reviews as guides to know what’s good and bad. There’s too many fake ones that mislead people. But if it is bad, I won’t buy anymore from that author, simple as that. I’ll have a little author blacklist to keep on my desk. When I say blacklist, I mean authors who have way too many errors, bad phrasing, and just troubles with tenses. Basically people who don’t put the effort into editing and are just looking to make a quick buck.


    • Yeah I’m still doing it. I’m currently reading through an author’s novel right now. I’ll be done probably in a few days and I’ll jump over to your story. Thanks for letting me know and best wishes to your book.


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