Let’s Play a Game


I’m going to start a story and who ever wants to add on to it just comment on this post. Make sure you follow the story from the last comment made because then this whole thing could get screwed up and end up sounding like a jumbled mess.

There was a man sitting by the pond with his dog. He was skipping rocks as a light breeze caressed he cheek. A strange sound alerted him from behind a tree…

13 thoughts on “Let’s Play a Game

  1. [I can’t see other comments… Hope I’m not messing up the story. I LOVE this game – but it’s hard to find people to play it lately. – K]

    “Probably another one of those infected deer,” he thought to himself, tensing up. Was it something in the water? It was really becoming a problem lately.

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  2. He jumped to his feet and starred into the row of trees. The noise sounded like a revving truck crashing through the bush but he wasn’t sure. His dog followed him as he left the pond when…

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  3. all of a sudden the sound stopped and through the edge of the brush appeared the larges bull’s head he’s ever seen. The coat was res, the horns massive and steam poured from the nostrils like a train arriving at a station.

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  4. He didn’t know what to do next. Why was the bull looking so engraged? What if it harmed him? Or his dog? His dog started barking angrily when two more such huge bulls appeared. These bulls made the first bull look like a lamb. They were bigger and scarier.

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  5. “What do you want,” the frightened man asked.
    “We have come to take you to our leader, Charles,” one bull huffed. It stomped it’s hoove and glared Charles up and down.
    Charles gawked because bulls do not talk.


  6. When he didn’t reply fast enough, the bull on the right piped in in Spanish. This only left Charles more stunned, so the third bull tried (presumably) the same line in Chinese. His dog continued to bark furiously, in dog.

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  7. The Spanish bull lick its lips because dogs are in his opinion delicious. Charles stepped between the beasts and bellowed from the depths of his belly.
    “I don’t understand the words you speak, but I can see you want to eat my precious puppy.”
    I will meet with your leader, but I have a request. Can I at least treat you to some other snack?”


  8. The bull nodded in agreement and the man reached for his pocket. He pulled out a pack of moist Twinkies that were slightly squished from being the his back jean pocket. “What is this yellow sponge?” questioned the bull. “It’s the greatest gift one man can give to someone,” he replied.

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  9. “What? A twinkie… Can talk?” Charles was awestruck by the sight.
    The twinkie wiggle out of Charles hand a white cream squirted from the yellow bun. It ran away without a second glance.
    The two larger bulls stomped behind him as they nudged him forward into the forest. Charles was frightened. His world was being turned upside down, and when he thought things could not get worse his dog looked up with determined eyes.
    “No worries, My Friend. I am Super Pooch. We will get out of this,” he whispered and winked.

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  10. “Scratch behind my ear then rub my belly!” the dog exclaimed.

    “But, why?” the man questioned.

    “Don’t ask questions, just do it!”

    Reluctantly Charles did as the dog had demanded. After he was done the dog smiled and wagged his tail. Nothing happened and the man was confused. “Was something suppose to happen? Why did I just do that?”

    The dog smiled and replied, “No, nothing was suppose to happen, I just wanted a belly rub.”

    Before the man could get angry, the dog leapt into the air. A bright light flashed with a bang, smoke covered the sky. The dog came down from the smoke and Charles was in shock. The dog was non other than Underdog!

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