New Story Line Game


Alright so the last post kind of got confusing for a few bloggers that attempted to join the story. I’m very sorry that some of the posts did not get posted right away. It is because for some reason I have to approve your comments and until I approve them it won’t appear. Now, a few people actually made it through without an approval, so if your comment did not appear it was because someone’s comment was in before yours. I’m very sorry about that, so this time I’m going to try really hard to approve your comments, or figure out away to override the approval process. Thanks for participating and now, here’s a new story line for any newcomers.

The Earth looked like a giant blueberry from where Sam was standing. Her hairs rose from her neck down to the lower back. Silence was a relaxing solitude that she could enjoy in this prison. The moon became her new home after the leaders of Earth decided to create a galactic penitentiary for its most high profile prisoners. A steel door slammed down the hall and to her dismay it was…

4 thoughts on “New Story Line Game

  1. Clearly coming from the west side of the hall. Nothing good ever came from the west side.
    Food, water – these things always came from the east door. So did the few gifts that sometimes made it from her supporters on Earth. Granted, the items were always damaged, pieces missing, either lost in transit or pilfered by the guards who had complete control in Moon Station 2.

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  2. “Inmate 520, come to the door!” A guard demanded.
    Sam shivered and walked up to the door to see a flap open in the door between the guard and her.
    “Hands, now!” he exclaimed.
    “Alright, no need to yell. Where are we going?” she asked, pushing her hands through the door.
    “You’re being reassigned. After that incident the other day in the cafeteria, you’re being moved to a more… comfortable living situation.”
    Comfortable was not an appealing word in his tone. She thought back to what happened in the caferia the day before. The day she…

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  3. had dared to make a friend.

    She had resisted the urge to make eye contact for so long. She of all people knew what it could mean to let herself trust another human being. So many days of keeping her eyes down in every group setting. But then one day she heard that noise, that small persistent sound, and without even thinking she had looked toward that sound. What she saw…

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  4. …was thought to be a ghost. An old friend from the past named Layara that was “killed” in an assassin contract. They both worked for the rogue assassin clan, Silent Reapers. Her friend was assigned to kill a leader on a dictatorship planet to help restore “peace” in the galaxy. Layara was from the planet Menator√®. She was 5’9″ with light green skin and stunning blue eyes. Her long red flowing hair reached just beyond her shoulders.

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