There are going to be many writers that post on here about how to write fiction. I wanted to go through the process in my head when I start writing my own fiction novels. Now, you can follow my lead on what I do if you’d like, but there is no true way to writing fiction. We all have our own minds and creative worlds. This is what runs through my mind when I start writing:

1. Where to freaking start? I’m sitting in bed with Doritos crunched beneath my armpit playing Destiny or Battlefield. My fingers are tapping the controller and my eyes are engulfed in the world before me. Did I just have an idea that involved Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters? Maybe a military idea where my character is on a Black Ops mission and continuously dies and wakes up to another mission? I may be losing my mind and my time wasting it on games, but hell, it’s fun try an lose myself in a world I didn’t create. Sometimes it’s the best way to start a world that I want to create.

2. These behind the scenes options on Lord of the Rings are really making me break down my ideas into time slots? If I treated my novel like some directors do with a movie, I would write all the exciting scenes that would put myself at the edge of my seat, while those boring scenes that connect the dots resonate in the air. Why do I call them boring scenes? I call them this because it’s the back story that leads to this massive battles, crazy twists, or erotic romances. Do you really think your work doesn’t have at least two- three boring chapters in it?

I remember one chapter took me almost two days to write because I just couldn’t stomach myself to write it. It was one of those chapters that helped build on the story, but I just wanted the excitement and the tragedies. Is it because my head is filled with hatred towards a few of my characters? Sometimes. Is it because I want to get on with the story and see what happens to the main character that I love? Definitely.

3. Epic Music is a plus. Rock/Pop/Rap/Country is a no. Not trying to discriminate against all music but when I write I have to listen to music without words. Every time I hear music with lyrics, I end up singing them in my head. I go from writing about soldiers tearing through a battlefield of demons to Taylor Swift Shaking in the middle of a climatic death. How this works for anyone one else, I don’t know. I like to listen to the beefy brass music with the chimes of violins teetering in the background. My imagery has to be pumped with musical steroids for me to see explosions and men fighting behemoths that have the upper hand.

4. Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and email. You fools are the enemy to my creativity. Eventually I have to actually type this crap up and you four continuously take a few hours from my time. It’s not your fault, it’s my own. That’s why I disconnect my phone and internet for a few weeks to avoid the temptation. Yes, I may not be able to talk to people that act like they care about me, but at least I can live in my made up world where my invisible friends like to play with me. Did I mention I may be crazy?

5. Alcohol does not boost the process, it only dumbs it up. I remember my hand was cramping up so I had a few shots of Captain Morgan to help numb up my pain. Then, I found out drinking numbs up more than just pain and it numbs up my intellect. If I write while drinking, I will find myself having a tough time understanding what the hell I wrote the night before. Also, it could lead to realizations about myself that I wished would have stayed locked up in those chambers of my mind. Then again, sometimes writing while drinking will create an idea that’ll actually have me wondering, how the hell did we go from New York to the Pacific Ocean in only a page?

These are just a few situations I run into while writing fiction. Some I try to avoid, others I embrace. If you’d like to add your unique writing style, you can add ti in the comments. Maybe we will have something in common.

4 thoughts on “Fiction

  1. Nicely put, I can recognise myself in a few places, but the part that resonated mostly with me is the having to find the stomach to connect the dots and write “boring scenes”. I am always drawn to action and scenes where something actualy happens as opposed to explaining and showing things, so it takes me longer to write those.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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    • I just feel like people who write can’t always be excited to write the connecting chapters. Some say that we should write interesting things in all of our chapters, but the truth is, there are going to be a few chapters that we just don’t want to write. Thanks for reading! Good luck with all your writing.


  2. I actually find action scenes the hardest to write. Those slow my roll more than anything else, despite how exciting they are to read. They require a very adept writing hand, and a more explicit notion of “this is what’s happening to everyone in a play-by-play method.” I know that’s my Achilles heel, so I let it slide when it takes me awhile. Otherwise, if I dance around writing a scene that I know will be boring, that scene usually gets cut. And if I find myself hating that scene because I hate writing about that particular character (aside from a villain that I love to hate!), I usually cut that character completely. There’s not enough time in life to waste writing stuff we don’t even want to read!

    A tip to make your boring scenes less boring is to introduce plot twists, stunningly surprising bits of exposition (that can be done if you hold some cards close to your chest earlier in the story), interpersonal conflicts, arguments, or interesting backstory. It may also help to combine 2 or 3 less interesting scenes into one scene. There will inevitably be “quiet” scenes in everyone’s books, but there should really never be boring ones. Two of my favorite scenes in my book are actually quiet scenes with little conflict, but they’re also scenes where the characters reveal something interesting about themselves and start connecting intimately with the person they’re talking to. Perhaps the readers find them slow, but at least I had fun writing them 😛

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    • Yeah, I just like writing action scenes. I enjoy all the description and especially battles. I may have been talking more about quiet scenes but still, I feel there are inevitably a few that are boring no matter what.


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