Amni Writing and Editing

I’m currently putting together a team of people to kick off my new business, “Amni Writing and Editing”. I just wanted to see what you guys think and maybe find some new clients for my business. The Amni team will focus on:

Editing (which includes):


-Copy Editing

-Content Editing


-We will outline and write the idea that you have been longing to get on paper.

E-book Creation:

-For the self-publishers that are struggling with creating and formatting e-books, we will do it for you. Plus, walk you through the process of creating your own e-books in the future.

Cover Design

-If you are looking for graphic design, photography, or sketches, we have artists that can assist you in creating that eye popping cover.

This is what I have put together so far for the literary and art team. All prices vary by project, which I will post at a later time once I have everything together.  My mission for Amni is to provide writers assistance in preparing their novel for the next step of their venture, whether it be traditional/self-publishing.

More information to come.

3 thoughts on “Amni Writing and Editing

  1. These sound like great plans. Take your time, plan it all out, and things will come together when they are suppose to. You have the first part right – Do not try to do it all on your own. Team work makes a huge difference, and if you find yourself in a position looking for another writer please feel free to let me know as I am always looking for additional projects to take on.

    Best of luck to you – and I promise. You will get there – when the Universe knows you are ready.

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  2. Wonderful to see you getting into freelancing! I’ve been trying to knock on that door a bit recently, without much luck. I’ve only been half-assing it though, and I think you’ve got a better approach – let people come to you rather than trying to hound down some client on elance asking for the lowest bid.

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    • Yeah, right now it’s a work in progress but I’m just trying to put together a team that strives to create and improve writing. So hopefully it work in the editing and freelancing fields for anyone who is looking for work


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