Chapter 1: Battle at the Fallows

Made some updates on Chapter One in my novel: Awakening Within the Darkness. Here is where you cna see it if you’re interested in Fantasy Fiction

The Temperament Scepter Series

     The trees outside of Fort Thundrill were turning to vibrant yellow, warm orange, and fiery red. It was mid fall and the brink of war was at its most vulnerable between the wolf bloods and the Salcedine Army. Their differences eventually led to the neglect to pursue the three Dragon Lords, whom opened the icy prisons beneath Illiad. They released the dragons which all three contained a unique power in their breaths.

Demoticus was the fire dragon that consumed everything in its path with a monstrous flame. Its scales were as thick as solid steel and as hot as molten lava. Sidius was the dragon that could turn warm flesh to ice with its frozen breath. The blue that pulsates beneath its belly gave it the ability to remain hidden in the sky and in the snowy peaks of the mountains. Finally, there was Zaathorex, the lightning dragon. Its…

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