Chapter 2: Fort Neeves

The Temperament Scepter Series


     The moon’s glow glistened across the stream as Daghen hopped across the stones above the water. He waited on the bank for his aid and apprentice to join him. Water flowing between the rocks was gentle to his ears, while he listened to the trees crack and moan from the night breeze. He looked up towards the stars, where he saw a flag flailing at the top of the lonesome mountain, on the eastern territory of Alabass. Fort Neeves was the wolf blood’s base camp.

“I thought we were going after the Dragon Lords in the north, Master?” Bogumir asked as he stepped onto the pebbled shore.

“Yes, we are in the right path to get there. We just need to get the approval of King Darius to pass through the tunnels beneath the ice,” Daghen answered, feeling hesitant to continue forward.

“If we need to go there, then…

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