Chapter 3: The Meta

The Temperament Scepter Series

     Dusk was at its peak across the plains outside of the Fallows Mountain Range. The faint echoes of men and shrilling cries of dragons haunted the wind as it whisked across the ashes that powdered the blades of grass. Black imprints of incinerated men were like shadows of the soldiers that fell to the strength of the Master Sorcerer’s light. The sky was covered in orange across the horizon, but the indigo blanket that casted towards Fort Thundrill was specked with tiny stars.

A lone wolf appeared at the forest edge, digging its paws into the dirt. Its fur was black with white splashed beneath its stomach and neck. His ears perked up when a low rumble from the mountains disturbed the earth. The wolf sprinted across the field to the rocky lands of the Fallows, but the warm ground softened beneath his weight. He backed away and hopped…

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