Create Yourself Group Page (FB)

I just wanted to invite anyone that would like to join my facebook group: Create Yourself. I’m using this page as a way to let you guys self promote your work to hopefully another audience. You can invite your friends/ share this post if you’d like to friends you think may be interested. I do ask that you do not spam the page multiple times a day. If you are interested, please follow the link, like the page, and share to all your friends.

Hopefully the page will help inspire all of us to continue build on our passions. Thanks guys!


7 thoughts on “Create Yourself Group Page (FB)

    • Thanks, Gervanna. I appreciate the support. I know it’s tough to promote and network across the internet sometimes cause some groups have restrictions to how you do it. Plus, I would love to see more creative writing and photography posted. I know Create Yourself just started today, but I would love for it to be active. Thanks again and hope you have a great day!

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    • Thanks, nonchalantxfish. Appreciate any help that we can get. If you’d like, I’ll throw your blog up on the page just to get you some readers from there. Certain name you want on there?


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