Shameless Self Promotion!

Alright bloggers and friends. Here’s your chance to take the opportunity to share and promote your work. You can post anything you would like and a word to the wise toss in your facebook pages as well. We are a community of artists that should embrace each other. Share, reblog, like, everyone is invited to join!!

12 thoughts on “Shameless Self Promotion!

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  2. First of all, I have a Facebook group for writers to help promote each other in their social networks. There are rules to help keep things reader-friendly without coming spammy but to increase your audience by a large margin!!

    I write romance with adult/erotic content as well as standard adventure and sci-fi. I don’t have any of my novels published yet, but I LOVE to have more readers on my blog and Wattpad where I post my progress! Please also check out my Patreon page as well and consider sponsoring me for a mere $1 per month!
    Twitter: freakinjane
    Instagram: freakin_jane

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  3. Thank you, William.

    I am a reviewer, editor, and blogger. I offer free, honest reviews to all authors. My blog has posts for both readers and authors.My editing service is professional and affordable, and I work primarily with self-published authors . I provide a free 2,000-word sample edit.

    Here are some of my links:


    Review Policy and Submission Request:

    Direct Blog Link: or


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  4. Thank you, William! I accept your challenge…my second novel, “A Moment in the Sun” is set to come out this fall on Sunbury Press Books. It is the story of Rei, a Japanese girl’s rise out of self-isolation (hikikomori) to return to society. A chance meeting leads to the discovery of an online underground called the Dwellers. Rei learns an old friend is now a Dweller, and she determines to get him out. Along the way, Rei is forced to consider her abandoned past, and friends learn to remove the lines of class and rank before they too can move forward.

    My first book, “Parasite Girls” is also available at and Smashwords.

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