#AuThorsday with Tom Fallwell

I had to reblog this after seeing how well Sunshine Somerville hosted this interview with Tom Fallwell. Please give her a reblog, tweet, and share on Facebook. Awesome Job!

Sunshine Somerville

TomFallwellToday I’d like to welcome Tom Fallwell, Fantasy author of A Whisper In The Shadows: Rangers of Laerean

Tom, can you give us your quickest description of your books?

I can sum up all that I write with this phrase, “Heroic, fantasy adventure on an epic scale.”  I feel my stories relate not just heroes, but larger than life heroes. Those whom everyone looks to in great times of need.

Sounds like exactly my kind of thing.  About how many main characters do you use?  And are they humans, or do you use fantasy peoples like elves, etc.? 

In Rangers of Laerean, I deal with several characters that I would consider main characters.  While most are human, I do have some non-human characters as well.  I created my own races for the series, though there are some similarities with dwarves and elves for a couple of them…

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