Cover Reveal – The Temperament Scepter by Allix Booth @jrghost14

My.cover reveal today happened on facebook. Was a crazy event!

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Alexandria Roe’s haunted past comes to life when she turns sixteen. Her hallucinations and fevers spark a premonition of her family’s death. A darkness shadows her, but her struggle for answers lead to more than she bargained. Will she be consumed by her fears or overcome what waits beyond the horizon?

A Dragon Lord from the Northern Isles of Alabass conquers all kingdoms in his wake. He hungers for power, but thirsts for the three amethysts. Each gem’s unique ability is absorbed by the person that wields it. If all three are united, the power will bring to life the scepter, which unlocks the ancient prison. What lies in the depths can only be discovered by the holder of the Temperament Scepter.

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About the author

Allix Booth has a home in Atlanta, Georgia, where he enjoys spending his days playing music and watching football. His specialty…

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